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Post Script
One photo from the online exhibit of Libby Wilcox photos shows Richard Scott in a Presbyterian Hospital hallway in 1958. This is how Mrs. Wilcox describes her photos of the child: "The story of Richard Scott runs through the negative files. I saw this little boy in the play room as he played a drum in the orchestra and, as many had before me, fell in love with him. I found that he had been admitted to the hospital many months before, virtually starved because he could not swallow solid food. Dr. Jose Ferrer [a 1938 P&S graduate] and Dr. Thomas Santulli operated on him several times and gradually built him an esophagus from a piece of his own intestine."

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ARCHIVES & SPECIAL COLLECTIONS AT THE AUGUSTUS C. LONG Health Sciences Library has opened its virtual doors for the first online exhibit, "Reflected Moments: Images of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 19571991: A Selection of Photographs from the Elizabeth Wilcox Photographic Collection." The exhibit features more than 30 photographs by Mrs. Wilcox (19162000), who was an unofficial medical center photographer between 1957 and 1991.
The exhibit, which requires Macromedia Flash Player, may be seen at:
Mrs. Wilcox, the wife of long-time Columbia faculty member, Dr. Herbert "Bud" Wilcox Jr., was given unimpeded access to the workings of the medical center. Her camera captured the daily routines and extraordinary events of a great academic medical center during a period of tremendous change for American medicine. Seen in the exhibit are portraits of medical legends Virginia Apgar, Dana Atchley, and Robert Loeb; such breakthroughs as pediatric open-heart surgery in 1958; and long-vanished medical center landmarks, including Maxwell Hall and the Fort Washington Avenue greenhouses.
In 1991, Dr. and Mrs. Wilcox donated her unparalleled archive of more than 100,000 images (most in negative form) to Columbia.
"Reflected Moments" is an enlarged digital version of a catalog first published in 1993 by the library to accompany an exhibition of Mrs. Wilcox's photographs. The original catalog was compiled and coordinated by Marvin J. Taylor, former head of Special Collections, and designed by Richard Miller of the Center for Biomedical Communications. Both the exhibit and catalog were made possible with the support of Dr. Pat Molholt, associate dean and associate vice president for education and scholarly resources.
The digital version that will be available indefinitely was coordinated by Stephen E. Novak, head of Archives & Special Collections, and designed by Andy Lin of the curriculum design studio in Scholarly Resources and Kathren Torraca, the web librarian.
More information about the exhibit or about the Wilcox Collection can be requested by sending e-mail to Archives & Special Collections (

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