Papers, Visuals, Research Records Enhance Collection

J. LAWRENCE POOL ’32, professor emeritus of neurosurgery: personal and family papers, 1813-2001. The collection includes correspondence, biographical material, photographs, and reprints of scientific articles documenting Dr. Pool’s distinguished career as a neurosurgeon plus diplomas of his father, Eugene H. Pool’1899, and an ancestor, John Adams Pool’1824.

FRANCIS J. RIGNEY ’49: 25 pages of drawings, many in color, for zoology, embryology, and anatomy classes taken by Dr. Rigney at Columbia College and P&S.

PETER SCAGLIONE ’52 and DR. CAROLYN R. DENNING: papers documenting the life of Dorothy Andersen (1901-63), a P&S faculty member who did groundbreaking research in cystic fibrosis. Included are illustrations, memorabilia, photographs, reprints of scientific articles, and typescripts plus Dr. Andersen’s Vermont State Board of Medical Registration Certificate and her obituary. Dr. Denning was a research assistant in Dr. Andersen’s lab. Also included in this gift are photographs of Babies Hospital’s Hattie Alexander, John Caffey, and Herbert B. Wilcox’34.

DR. ANN BRUNSWICK, special research scientist, Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health: the complete records (33 cubic feet) of her Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study, 1967-93, including questionnaires, background materials, reports, and code books. This public health project studied the health of children and adolescents in central Harlem over time. The cohort was interviewed five times from 1967-68 through 1993 and the results yielded important insights into the health needs of inner-city neighborhoods.

DR. MARTIN J. DAVIS, associate dean for student and alumni affairs, School of Dental and Oral Surgery: French comic dental print, early 20th century.

Dr. ALLEN HYMAN, professor of anesthesiology: “Treatment of Diseases by the Hypodermic Method” (Philadelphia, 1879) by Roberts Bartholow. The book is an addition to the Lena and Louis Hyman Collection in the History of Anesthesiology.

DR. ERIC KANDEL, University Professor and 2000 Nobel Laureate: speeches and articles, 1978-2001. Included are his 2001 P&S commencement address and Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize speech (1978).

DR. LEWIS OPLER, adjunct professor of psychiatry: 9 cubic feet of the papers of his father, Marvin Opler (1914-81), a Columbia-educated anthropologist who was one of the founders of the field of social psychiatry. Included are the records of his field work with the Ute tribes of southwestern Colorado in the 1930s, extensive records of his work among interned Japanese-Americans at the Tule Lake relocation camp during World War II, and ethnic group surveys, reports, notes, correspondence, patient records, and chapters of an unpublished book from the Midtown Manhattan Survey, a pioneering attempt to survey the mental health needs of a community (1950s-60s).

LOUISE BROWN: teaching materials on tropical medicine used by her husband, Dr. Harold Brown (1902-88), professor of tropical medicine at P&S for many years. Included are films and videos, a photograph, and several posters. (Dr. Brown was profiled in Nick Christy’s “Faculty Remembered” in the Spring 2002 issue of P&S Journal.)

DR. HENRY N. CLAMAN: papers of his mother, Leoni Camille Neumann Claman’24, dating from her student days. Included are handwritten and mimeographed lecture notes, medical histories, clinical pathological conference notes, grades, letters of recommendation for internships, and printed material from Bellevue Hospital, largely from the pediatric service.

JEAN KENDRICK, daughter of Francis A. Callahan, a 1914 graduate of the pharmacy college: photograph of the Class of 1914 of the Columbia University College of Pharmacy and a photo of Kappa Psi, probably the college’s honor society.

NEW YORK-PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL’S OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS: 19 cubic feet of photographs, circa 1900-90, extensively documenting the people, places, and activities of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Included are photographic prints, contact sheets, and negatives.

NEW YORK-PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL’S OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS: 10 drawings by Robert Demarest, former medical illustrator at CPMC.

ELIZABETH PRICHARD, director of social services, Presbyterian Hospital, 1954-80: her manuscript of the history of the department from its founding in 1904 up to 1980. The manuscript is interspersed with memos, letters, and photographs.

DR. RONALD RUBIN: early 20th century British cartoons of nine scientists with captions by Dr. Walter Bett, Columbia’s medical librarian, 1935-37.

JODY SHIELDS, executrix of the estate of John Owen Ward: 38 cubic feet of the papers of Mr. Ward’s wife, Maya Riviére (1908-89), an expert in the rehabilitation of the disabled. The papers, dating circa 1918-89, largely document her work as director of Rehabilitation Codes, a non-profit organization involved in testing what was probably the world’s first controlled vocabulary with which to describe levels of physical and mental disability. With the professional papers are diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, and personal correspondence.

FRANCIS J. SYPHER, New York: 12 volumes of mid-19th century P&S catalogs.

DR. DANIEL WEINSTOCK, Geneva N.Y.: photograph of the P&S Class of 1912. Dr. Weinstock has no Columbia University connections. He purchased the photo, which is in excellent condition, at an antique shop in upstate New York. Archives & Special Collections had no photo of the Class of 1912 before Dr. Weinstock’s donation.

SAMUEL J. WOOD LIBRARY, WEILL MEDICAL COLLEGE OF CORNELL UNIVERSITY: 379 volumes of rare medical works dating from 1648 into the 20th century. Included are important works by John Abernethy, Charles Bell, R.T.H. Laennec, William Osler, and Ignaz Semmelweis. The volumes, which were underused and fell outside the scope of Cornell’s current collection development policy, will be cataloged and integrated into the rare book holdings of Archives & Special Collections.

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