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Vol. 29 No. 2 Spring/Summer 2009


Chairman, Editorial Board
Thomas Q. Morris, M.D.
Alumni Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine

Bonita Eaton Enochs

Science Editor
Susan Conova

Contributing Writers
Aileen Chang’10
Robin Eisner
Adar Novak
Virginia E. Papaioannou, Ph.D.
Meagan Scales
Gina Shaw
Elizabeth Streich

Alumni News Editor
Marianne Wolff, M.D.

Alumni Writer
Peter Wortsman

Design and Art Direction
Claudia Brandenburg

Editorial Board
Ron E. Drusin, M.D.
Kenneth Forde, M.D.
Bruce Forester, M.D.
Oscar Garfein, M.D.
Lee Goldman, M.D.
Cornelia Griggs’10
Hadi Halazun’09
Leonard C. Harber, M.D.
Edgar Housepian, M.D.
Geoffrey Konopka’10
Jonathan LaPook, M.D.
Jay Lefkowitch, M.D.
Lisa A. Mellman, M.D.
Stephen E. Novak
Carmen Ortiz-Neu, M.D.
Richard Polin, M.D.
John Schullinger, M.D.
Daniel Stephens’10
Joseph Tenenbaum, M.D.

Lee Goldman, M.D.
executive vice president for health and biomedical sciences
and dean of the faculties of health sciences and medicine

Rosemary Keane
Chief Communications Officer

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ON THE COVER: To prepare 21st century doctors, P&S has replaced the traditional designations of first, second, third, and fourth years with more flexible categories of teaching and learning that will provide students with what they need to know in this still new century but also help them develop strategies for finding their own answers. Photos of current and graduating students are used on the cover and on inside pages with their consent. Article, Page 17.
Illustration by Claudia Brandenburg.

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