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Bard Hall Players Produces “Tartuffe”

Bard Hall Players Produces “Tartuffe” Jean-Baptise Poquelin (also known by his more famous stage name, Molière) was the father of French comedy. Between 1645 and 1673 he scripted no fewer than 36 major works, many of which remain standards of the classical dramatic canon. No play attracted as much attention — both critical praise and ecclesiastical condemnation — as “Tartuffe,” Molière’s biting satire of religious hypocrisy. First performed in 1664 at Versailles, “Tartuffe,” tells the story of a wealthy French aristocrat who is swindled by a clever con man posing as a religious zealot. Its risqué dialogue and attack on “specious piety” riled the Catholic Church and Molière might have been executed for heresy were it not for the continued support of King Louis XIV.
    The Bard Hall Players staged this theater classic Feb. 21–23, 2008, in P&S Alumni Auditorium.
— reported by Matt Weinstock’10

P&S Club Updates

P&S Club UpdatesA much-needed renovation of the P&S Club office ushered in 2008 with a fresh new look, thanks to funding from P&S alumni and members of the Faculty Advisory Board. With a new look and rejuvenated spirit, the club’s activities continue to flourish. New club additions this year include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Karate Club, and Triathlon Club. Our large-scale events such as orientation, Leonides, and Super Night have been great successes. With more than 50 activity clubs under the aegis of the P&S Club, it’s a veritable feast for the expertly multi-tasking P&S student. As ever, the P&S Club would not be able to thrive without the generous support of alumni and friends. Our thanks to all of you!


LeonidesP&S students beat the mid-winter blues by dancing the night away at the New York City Columbia Club on Feb. 8, 2008, at Leonides, the annual P&S formal. Topped with gangster hats, feather boas, and strings of pearls, students celebrated the completion of their exams and mingled with students from other years. Afterward, the question on everyone’s mind was “When can we do this again?” Next year’s bash is in the works. Stay tuned!

P&S Student Forum on Global Health and Human Rights

P&S Student Forum on Global Health and Human RightsThe P&S Student Forum on Global Health and Human Rights was created with the goal of supplementing the current medical school curriculum with pertinent and exciting topics in global aspects of human rights, public health, and social medicine. The forum also provides an opportunity for students from each of the four CUMC schools to come together and talk. The inaugural 2008 course included eight events on four topics: access to health care as a human right, HIV/AIDS, refugee health, and human rights. Guest lecturers included Scott Hammer M.D., chief of infectious diseases at P&S and professor of public health at Mailman, and Ronald Waldman, M.D., MPH, founder and former director of the Program on Forced Migration at Mailman. More than 150 students enrolled in the course. “This project has provided a valuable and exciting outlet outside of class to get together and talk about these very important issues,” says Chris Boyle’10, who, together with Dan Schnorr’10, co-founded the project.
— reported by Chris Boyle’10 and Dan Schnorr’10

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