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The Class of 2007 members who started medical school in late August 2003 automatically had a benefit that earlier generations of P&S students hopefully had but were not guaranteed: a close mentoring relationship with an individual member of the faculty. Many of our graduates over the years did find mentors who listened and offered advice as the students went through medical school and made choices about their futures, but P&S decided in 2003 to not leave the process to luck. The formal advisory dean program that began with the incoming Class of 2007 has been a resounding success by every measure, and this issue of the magazine emphasizes a few of the experiences that underscore that success.
   As with any new endeavor, the advisory dean program has evolved to accommodate student feedback and to standardize the ongoing guidance offered by the deans. Throughout its first years, the goal of the program has remained unchanged: to provide the means for a seamless transition from student to physician for all students. The initiative, which has been among the first formal advising programs in the nation, is a model for other schools and is described in an upcoming issue of Academic Medicine.
   P&S has many attributes that set it apart from other medical schools. The advisory dean program is just the newest innovation that deserves our recognition and appreciation locally even as it is being adopted by other schools nationally.

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Lee Goldman, M.D., Dean

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