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td ws b ntmtancemt=" 2008a> 75 Yeset of Eye Carea> ws< Chaiet for Raa="on neOnlor=gy, Rehabilitaon n Mia=ng=ea> td id="tontmtancemt="came="tontmtancemt="c>a> ">ntmtancemt=" 2008a>acin photo eendit: Miarsel De="/tiacin

td _wwi" Faculty Awardsa>acin Vince=" P. Bue> r Jr., M.D.stylrong>, psofessor emtritut of mia=ng=e, for psicnk ical yeset, and tylrong>Ralph M. Riarsrt, M.D.stylrong>, psofessor emtritut of pathor=gy, for cnk ical yeset. b em& were psizt="td to tylrong>Ann-Judith Silr.hman, Ph.D.stylrong>, psofessor of pathor=gy amp;ellsp bior=gy, for psi-cnk ical yeset, and to tylrong>Wen onK. Chung, M.D., Ph.D.stylrong>, assista=" psofessor of pia="trics, for cnk ical yeset. b em& in basic sciances was given to tylrong>Boris Reizis, Ph.D.stylrong>, assista=" psofessor of microbior=gy. tylrong>Daniel C. Salzman, M.D., Ph.D.stylrong>, assista=" psofessor of psychi"try, siceived the Dr. Hdrolr and Golren Lamport Resesech Award in cnk ical sciances. b _wwi" Studt=" Awards and Prizesa>acin em& (outsta=ng=" achievemt=" in pia="tric ambulatory care) tylrong>Msecel A. Gen"> stylrong>Carlt neS. Prickett, Jas neP. Sulkowski stylrong>em& (best exemplifyg=" the carg=" and humane quignties of the prtionng=" physicisi) tylrong>Elableeth C. Oelsn r stylrong>em&(exllponal// acctmplishmt="s in pharmacor=gy) tylrong>Adefolakemi M. Oni stylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" graduate t="trg=" ophthalmor=gy) tylrong>JonathaneS. Cha=" stylrong>Adefolakemi M. Oni stylrong>em& (emulatg=" Dr. Blrtsch’s ideals of the humane surgeon) tylrong>Beth R. Hochmanstylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" achievemt=" in otolaryngor=gy) tylrong>Tom T. Karnezisstylrong>em& (best essay in bior=gical sciances) tylrong>Lisa M. Beblsp, Susan E. Mackiestylrong>em& (exllspance in obstetrics and gynecor=gy) tylrong>Adefolakemi M. Onistylrong>em& (graduate t="trg=" orthopia=cs with academic exllspance, seitionvity, kindnest, devoon neto patit="s, and the fine human quignties eet exemplified) tylrong>Bob Yinstylrong>em& tylrong>Mstthew J. O’Rourkestylrong>em& tylrong>Andrew T. Turkstylrong>Elableeth C. Oelsn rstylrong>em& tylrong>Janice Yu-Hsin Chyoustylrong>em& (the highest achievemt=" and abilities in the graduatg=" class) tylrong>Jas neW. Hdrp rstylrong> em& (awardtd at the conclusn neof the third yese to the mia=nal studt=" with highest scholarship in the firs" tef=e yeset) tylrong>Jas neW. Hdrp rstylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" essay in uror=gy) tylrong>Catherine R. Whitmanstylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" graduatg=" studt=" t="trg=" the field of ophthalmor=gy) tylrong>P"trick Cha=stylrong>em& (empathy, scholarship, and exllspance exhibi"td by Barbara Liskin) tylrong>Espan L. Golrsteinstylrong>em& (exllspance in cnk ical mia=ng=e) tylrong>Mstthew I. Tomaystylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" academic achievemt=" by a studt=" servi=" in the Armia Forces of our country) tylrong>Emily HeeEuneShinstylrong>Susan Koen">stylrong>em&tylrong> Alexa=n r J. Koppelstylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" achievemt=" in pathor=gy)tylrong> Elableeth C. Oelsn rstylrong>em& (demonylratg=" successful laboratory collaboratn neeetwean studt=" and faculty) tylrong>Catherine A. Coxstylrong>em&(exhibi"g=" nare, unusual concern, and dia=naon neto helpg=" sick people) tylrong>Jessica I. Rubin em& tylrong>Samuel A. Tayr="stylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" ntenribuon neto improvg=" the quignty of life of his or h r peeet whi> at S amp;S) tylrong>Carlt neS. Prickettstylrong>em& (awardtd to a studt=" in the fall of his or h r fourth yese for exllspant academic p rformance; in"trtiondis with patit="s reflec"g=" kindnest, humor, compassn n, candor, and zest for life; and aconvities in srt, musnc, and gnttrtture exemplifyg=" that livg=" and leseng=" go together) tylrong>Kristg= L. Checchio Josephstylrong>em&(exemplifyg=", tefough aconvities in srt, musnc, gnttrtture, and the public in"trest, that livg=" and leseng=" go together) tylrong>Kim Jainstylrong>em& for outsta=ng=" achievemt=" in:Jin-Wu Tsaistylrong>Barbara Norostylrong>em& (exemplifies Dr. McCormack’s mia=nal skisp, ntesideratn n, u=n rsta=ng=", and ctmpassn n) tylrong>Lisa M. Beblsp, Riarsrd L. Weinbergstylrong>em& (achievemt=" in pia="tric cardior=gy)tylrong> Adam J. Bogradstylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" achievemt=" in neuror=gy) tylrong>Karan A. Spance"stylrong> Adefolakemi M. Onistylrong>em& (exllspance in the specialty of emergancy mia=ng=e)tylrong> Msey R. Mulcare em& (exllspance in resesech of neoplastic disesses)tylrong> Msesha Laufestylrong>rem& (exllspance in sciance and ctmpassn n in patit=" care) tylrong>Bram Welch Horanstylrong>Kim Jainstylrong>em&(exllspance in psychi"try tefoughout four yeset of mia=nal school)tylrong> MsyanK. Stowestylrong>em& (outsta=ng=" p rformance in surgery) tylrong>Mstthew I. Tomaystylrong>em& (exllspance in pathor=gy) tylrong>Adedamola Ogunniyistylrong>td b _wwi" State of the School 2008a>acin ">A Yese in Review: 2007-2008a>acin By mstthew harris nstylrong><>acin ">Studt="s and the curriculum: “More flexibility with a real opportunity to focus”<>acin (Howard Hughes, Doris Duke, Fogarty, and others); nearly half took an elec"gve abroad, half in del2.opg=" ntuntries; and 30 pirce=" mstchtd at CUMC for their residencies. b ">Clk ical care: “The largest faculty prtionne on the East Coast”<>acin ">Resesech: “There’s no"eg=" quite like scin.”<>acin (d.hmator=gy, neuror=gy, OB/GYN, pathor=gy, and physior=gy), but the mia=nal ct="tr’s acin. ntestnsi="s limit i"s abignty to increase fu=ng=". Dr. Golrman iztimates that the amtunt of ycin. dia=naotd to the resesech en"trprise mus" increase by two tim s or more to take advantage of increased resesech fu=ng=". Po"antial scin. gains in the next fs< yeset inclun a sciance buildg=" u=n r ntestnuctn n on the Moeng="side campus and the del2.opmt=" of another Audub nebuildg=" for wet-lab resesech. Spin. needs are wot limittd to the resesech en"trprise: Dr. Golrman also deyiptbed the need for a wwi educaon nebuildg=" and a total renovaon n of Bard Hall. “S amp;S needs to redoue wiefforts to look for money to buildebuildg="s.” Other issues that impac" resesech produconvity inclun moute scin., bridge support for resesecheet eetwean gra="s, and start-up cinkages for wwi hirts.

">Phi>a="hropy: “Pueeg=" ndard”<>acin Budget, facilities, and staffi=": “A slrong platform to move fordard”<>acin breakg=" even is an impressnve acctmplishmt=", Dr. Golrman lcknowltdged the work that remains, iztimatg=" that S amp;S needs a 3 pirce=" to 4 pirce=" msin=" for inviztmt=". b A roadmap for our future<>acin td Doris Duke Clk ical Resesech Flspowsstylrong><>fo=" fo="

td Playi=" to Win Against Pia="tric Bnsi= Tumors tylrong> Neurosurgeon/ from 16 of the naon n’s top mia=nal schools battl d it ou" in Cen"ral Park in June at the 5th Annual Neurosurgery Chariby Softball Tourme="=" (www.ColumbiaKidsNeuro.org). Hos"td by Columbia Ungversity and spon/ored by George M. Steinbrenn r III and the ws< York Yankees, the tourme="=" benefits pia="tric bnsi= tumor resesech and has nsised more than $150,000 sinct i"s inllponal. Organized by R=nardo Komotse, a resident at Columbia Ungversity, the annual tourme="=" has evolved rapidly into a naon nal ctmpetlenal. Ctmpetl=" teams this yese repsizt="td neurosurgery departmt="s from Columbia, Emory, Harvard, Duke, Yalt, Tma-ls Jeffers n, Cornlsp, NYU, Sennsylvania, John/ Hopkins, Albert Einstein, Mtunt Sinai, Sittsburgh, Utah, Northwestern, and Dartmouth ungversities. Harvardlclaimed i"s firs" champn nship by defeating Emory 4-2 in the fgnals. The champn nship lrophy, me="d “The J. Lawrance Pool Memorial Trophy” in honor of the form r Columbia chaieman of neurosurgery, will be houstd at Brht=am and Woman’s Hospital for the upctmg=" yese. Bnsndon Jacobs of the Sup r Bowl Champn n ws< York Gia="s and Jeremy Schaap of ESPN thf=w ou" the honorsey firs" pitchts this yese, and rock musncian Julian Casle ancas of the Slrokes made a guett appeseance. Supported by ws< York City Mayor Miarsel Bloomberg, the day of the tourme="=" was declar"d “Neurosurgery Chariby Softball Tourme="=" Day.” Planng=" has begun for wwxt yese’s tourme="=", with up to 24 teams txpec" d. In this photo Dr. Komotse, the evt="’s organiztr, has his turn at bat.

td b a> _wwi" 75 Yeset of Eye Careab By Mstthew Harris nstylrong><>acin ">“A siparloe ey. hospital”<>acin  In 1930 DeinlSage, president of Sresby"trgan, drew up a wish lis" of yervices and submitttd it to mia=nal ct="tr benefactor Edward Harknest. One of the last items on the lis" was a “siparloe ey. hospital.” On seeg=" the lis", Mr. Harknest asktd how much an ey. hospital would cost. He agretd to donatt the $6 milli n needed for ntestnuctn n and endowmt=".“To be tnsi=ed by Wheeler is to be assured of success”<>alrong> ">“The largest and mos" dgverse resesech u=it...in this country”<>acin Firs" to use laters in mia=ng=e<>acin laterlfor more effeconve lht=" absorponal. He lesened from a patit=" that Blsp Laboratories had del2.optd such a later, and by 1968 the argo> laterlwas firs" ustd for human treatmt=". When Dr. L’Esperlnct sought fu=ng=" to desn=" an argo> laterlfor clk ical use, he approachtd the JohnnA. HartfordiFoundaon n. Echog=" Edward Harknest nearly four decades tarlier, the foundaon n’s disictor told him: “Forget all the preliminsey stuff. Asp Ilwa=" is the budget.” Dr. L’Esperlnct publieetd his desn="s, and the argo> laterlsoon siplactd the ruby laterlas the mia=nal sta=nard.A visn nefor the future<>acin l=" technor=gy for glauctma. Nin. wwi endowed psofessorship/ support theswiefforts. e, siplactd by laboratories and offices as modern ophthalmor=gic procedures made ey. treatmt="s outpatit=" visnts, but patit="s are still sean in the original buildg=",lwhose firs" floor has bectmt the Flanzer Eye Ct="tr. U=n r Dr. Cha="’s leadership, the faculty prtionne has txpa=n d dthely beyond 165th Stree" to fgve more locaon ns in ws< York and ws< Jersey. the technor=gical tiv=pmt=" in uselin today’s Harknest Eye Institute mht=" wot be reco="iztd by JohnnWheeler, its guing=" spirit — and the generosnty of its many benefactors — c rtainly would. At the end of 1933, DeinlSage assessed the institute’s firs" yese, wri"g=", “There is a thrill about a new vt="ure into an u=arsrted realm with success the only goal.”

td b a> _wwi" ws< Chaiet for Raa="tgon Oncor=gy, Rehabilitaon n Mia=ng=e<>acin img src="img/Clkfford-Chao.jpgleal"0"K.S. Clkfford Chao" ight="0"156"idth="8015 cerder="0" cevacin.0"5">a>td acinlclasstasmall_stexn">K.S. Clkfford Chao<>acin <>td le w img src="img/Joel-Stein.jpgleal"0"Joel Stein" ight="0"122"idth="8015 cerder="0" cevacin.0"5">a>td acinlclasstasmall_stexn">Joel Stein<>acin <>td le w a/p d a>td | d le w <