Robin Goland and Rudy Leibel
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This issue’s profile of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall, shows what happens when top science, cutting-edge clinical care, and philanthropic vision converge. The Center’s primary benefit to patients and their families is obvious from your first visit: care delivered in modern facilities that even include a kitchen to help educate families about the importance of diet in managing the disease. Another benefit is the Center’s ability to stimulate patients’ interest in the science of their disease. Eli Bunzel, the high school student featured in the cover story, worked in the Berrie Center labs, as did Diana Arnold Miller and Lindsay Knable, the two women in the cover photo. With Lindsay a pre-med student at Cornell, Diana a first-year medical student in New Jersey, and Eli contemplating a career in medicine, the potential of the Berrie Center to influence diabetes care in future generations is real and impressive.
   In the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, the late Russ Berrie realized a legacy that bears his mother’s name in a building that bears his own. The Berrie Center’s10 years of accomplishments and its promise for continued eminence are tributes to what he envisioned and what his foundation and many other friends and supporters have joined in perpetuating. Strong leadership by Robin Goland and Rudy Leibel and hard work by many dedicated clinicians, scientists, staff members, patients, and families will guide the Center toward its critical goal — care until the cure, when the Center will no longer be needed.
   Congratulations to all involved with the Berrie Center on this milestone anniversary.

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Lee Goldman, M.D., Dean

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