Lee Goldman, M.D., Dean
Dear P&S Readers,

I have learned very quickly since joining Columbia in July that P&S alumni and the faculty and staff who have worked here for many years express similar loyalties to this venerable school. Call it Columbia pride or P&S pride, but whatever you call it, the connection is palpable and heartfelt. Best of all, people in this club enthusiastically welcome newcomers like me.
   As a new member of the club, I will work hard to represent P&S and the medical center, to raise expectations for our success, to increase resources to support our work, and to strengthen our reputation in communities both local and global. This column will provide an opportunity to let you know about new initiatives or renewed areas of emphasis at P&S.
   All of our missions deserve attention, but education of physicians and scientists will always be at the top of our list. By conducting a national search for a new vice dean for education and continuing to assess our medical student education programs, we are committed to shaping a model curriculum that applicants will recognize as distinctive and progressive. We also are committed to making analogous advances in our research programs, by recruiting and retaining the best investigators across a wide spectrum of disciplines, and in our patient care programs, by supporting and enhancing the stellar group of physicians who have made Columbia medicine renowned.
   I look forward to meeting you in person at events on campus or at alumni functions around the country or indirectly through the pages of this magazine. All of us at P&S welcome your comments about how we are doing in meeting the ongoing challenges in medical education, research, patient care, and service.

With best wishes,
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Lee Goldman, M.D., Dean

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