From the Albert Grokoest papers: Members of the P&S Class of 1945 clown for Albert Grokoest's camera. Of  the 10 students here, seven are identified: Alan E. Baum, Charles J. Blazek Jr., Rolla D. Campbell Jr., Stuart W. Cooper, Frank M. Dain III, John G. Esswein, and Warren J. Taylor.
J. LAWRENCE POOL'32: Casebook of neurosurgical operations, South of France, 9th Evacuation Hospital, Aug. 28-Dec. 31, 1944. (See Page 32 for more about the late Dr. Pool.)

HINTON BAKER'45: A copy of his autobiography, "With Others Along the Way" (2003).

NICHOLAS CHRISTY'51: Records of his P&S Journal "Faculty Remembered" column, including correspondence relating to each profile, biographical material, newspaper clippings, reprints, drafts of the columns, and the final columns as published. (1.25 cubic feet)

THOMAS Q. MORRIS'58: His official records from a variety of positions at Columbia University and Presbyterian Hospital, the last being vice president/vice dean of medical center, 1966-2002. (27 cubic feet)

DR. BARBARA I. FLOOD: papers of her father, Charles Flood'28, including a set of reprints and photographs. (.5 cubic feet)

KEN BROWNE, executor of the estate of Albert W. Grokoest'43 (December): Papers, 1920-90s, of Grokoest, a specialist in rheumatoid arthritis who was interested in the psychosomatic aspects of disease. Included is correspondence, mostly from grateful patients upon Grokoest's retirement from practice; printed material relating to his art collection; many photographs, including a series showing the examination of a patient in the Presbyterian Hospital arthritis clinic; certificates; and artifacts. (1.5 cubic feet)

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, VIA DR. JOHN NICHOLSON: papers of Dr. Hattie Alexander (1901-68), professor of pediatrics, including drafts of lectures and correspondence. (1.25 cubic feet)

MARIE-CLAIRE COURNAND, daughter of André Cournand (1895-1988), professor of medicine at P&S and Nobel Laureate: An addition to her father's papers, including correspondence, photographs, phonograph records, film, news clippings, academic regalia, medals, a diary, printed matter, certificates, awards, and other artifacts. Documents from the Nobel Prize ceremony of 1956 include congratulatory letters from colleagues, photographs, menus, place cards, and other memorabilia. Also, several important 17th and 18th century books from Cournand's library are included. (5 cubic feet)

From the André Cournand papers: menu from the Nobel Laureates dinner with the King of Sweden, Dec. 11, 1956
JANET MEYER LEVY, daughter of Dr. Karl Meyer (1899-1990): papers, 1940s-80s, documenting the career of Dr. Meyer, a distinguished Columbia University biochemist who was the winner of the Lasker Award and numerous other honors. Included are correspondence, general biographical materials, certificates and diplomas, numerous photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and medals. (.75 cubic feet)

DR. GABRIEL NAHAS, professor emeritus of anesthesiology: additions to his papers, 1960s-90s. (11 cubic feet)

REED HUTNER, son of Dr. Margarita Silva-Hutner (1915-2002), former associate professor of dermatology and longtime director of the medical mycology laboratory: Additions to her papers, 1929-90s, including biographical information, photographs, correspondence, lecture and laboratory notes, reprints, and historical materials relating to the medical mycology laboratory. (3 cubic feet)

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS: eight volumes of the student notebooks of Alfred A. Gillespie, who attended P&S from 1832 to 1834. The notes include lectures given by John B. Beck, Edward Delafield, Valentine Mott, John Augustine Smith, Joseph Mather Smith, and Alexander Stevens. American medical student notebooks from this period are becoming extremely rare on the market.

DR. DAVID J. ROTHMAN, the Bernard Schoenberg Professor of Social Medicine and director of the Center for the Study of Society and Medicine at P&S and professor of history in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and DR. SHEILA M. ROTHMAN, professor of public health in sociomedical sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health and deputy director of the Center for the Study of Society and Medicine: their papers, 1950s-80s, the first part of what will be a continuing donation. (6 cubic feet)

P&S CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIETY AND MEDICINE'S PROGRAMS IN HUMAN RIGHTS AND URBAN MEDICINE: records, 1985-99, from this innovative program, including diaries kept by students while on international internships. (8 cubic feet)

SCHOOL OF DENTAL AND ORAL SURGERY: a rare Italian dental treatise, Carlo Tagliaferro's "Elementi di Odontalogia" (Turin, 1814). The gift strengthens Archives & Special Collections' strong holdings in the history of dentistry.

From the Margarita Silva-Hutner papers: TOP: Dr. Silva-Hutner in the Department of Dermatology's medical mycology laboratory, 1949. The woman behind her is Dr. Rhoda Williams Benham, director of the lab. BOTTOM: Seminar at the medical mycology laboratory of the Department of Dermatology, June 1949.
DR. ALBERT SCHATZ: papers of his friend, Dr. Charles F. Bodecker (1880-1965), an early faculty member of the School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Included are professional and family correspondence, 1880s-1960s, biographical material, student records from his time at the University of Buffalo and the University of Berlin, newspaper clippings (1890s-1960s), correspondence from his editorship of the New York State Dental Journal (1940s-60s), and several volumes of diaries (1890s-early 1900s). (1.5 cubic feet)

a copy of "Our Children's Times, or Sketches of the Past and Present" (London, 1856). This rare children's book contains one of the earliest known biographies of Florence Nightingale. The Alumni Association purchased this for the Auchincloss Florence Nightingale Collection, which is housed in Archives & Special Collections.

ELIZABETH IRELAND DELONG (NURSING, 1939): student case studies and compositions, 1937-39.

JEAN CALDERWOOD WOOD, daughter of Florence Belle Owen Calderwood (Nursing, 1914), via the Office of Alumni Affairs at the School of Nursing: U.S. Army uniforms worn by her mother while in France with Presbyterian Hospital's Base No. 2 and Mobile Unit No. 2 during World War I.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, VIA DR. JOHN TRUMAN, professor of clinical pediatrics: medical board minutes, 1898-1944, and a scrapbook, 1927-30.

AUDREY WEIDERLIGHT, president, Columbia branch, New York-Presbyterian Hospital Auxiliary: records of the Presbyterian Hospital Auxiliary, 1960s-90s, including minutes, correspondence, financial reports, and printed material plus documents from similar organizations for Children's Hospital, the Neurological Institute, and New York Orthopedic Hospital. (7.5 cubic feet)

DR. BARBARA W. LOW, professor emeritus of biochemistry: two British works of household medicine, 1888 and 1908, from her father's library.

AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION: 58 volumes on nutrition and diet as they relate to the care of the sick, 1814-1946. The ADA, in reconfiguring its library to concentrate on contemporary works, chose Archives & Special Collections as the recipient of this collection.

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