From Commemoration to Celebration: 75 Years as Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
75 People, Events, and Contributions Worth Remembering
P&S Graduates Who Helped Change the World
Columbia’s Contribution to the DNA Structure: Chargaff’s Rules
Medical Center Architecture: From a Field of Dreams to an Arena for Advancing Health Care
The College of Physicians & Surgeons: Already Rooted in Tradition, P&S Renews Itself at CPMC
The School of Dental and Oral Surgery: Founding Principles Still Guide the Way
The School of Nursing: The Long Road to Academe
The Mailman School of Public Health: From P&S Institute to University Success Story
The New York State Psychiatric Institute: Revolutionizing the Study of Mental Illness
The Hospital: Moving to the Medical Center Expanded Its Mission
Spirit is the Medical Center’s Legacy, Students Its Future
Select Contributions of 75 Years
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