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Commencement 1999

Student Prizes and Awards

Dr. Harry S. Altman Award
(outstanding achievement in pediatric ambulatory care)
David Aaron Bomback

Alumni Association Award
(outstanding service to P&S)
Blanche Yee Man Fung

Virginia P. Apgar Awards
(excellence in anesthesiology and intensive care)
James P. Fraiman
Soudip Saha

Michael H. Aranow Memorial Prize
(best exemplifying the caring and humane qualities of the practicing physician)
Anthony Raiteri

Herbert J. Bartelstone Award
(exceptional accomplishments in pharmacology)
David Aaron Bomback

Alvin Behrens Memorial Fund Award
(outstanding graduate entering ophthalmology)
John Marcus Facciani

Edward T. Bello, M.D., Listening Award
(to a graduating student who will best portray the art of listening to patients, colleagues, and self in practicing medicine)
Heidi A. Hopkins

Robert G. Bertsch Prize
(emulating Dr. Bertsch’s ideals of the humane surgeon)
David Aaron Bomback

Coakley Memorial Prize
(outstanding achievement in otolaryngology)
Mark C. Griffin

Titus Munson Coan Prize
(best essay in biological sciences)
Shailan Bhupendra Shah

Thomas F. Cock Prize
(excellence in obstetrics and gynecology)
Catherine Rose Salva

Rosamond Kane Cummins’52 Award
(graduate entering orthopedics with academic excellence, sensitivity, kindness, devotion to patients, and the fine human qualities she exemplified)
David Aaron Bomback

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research:
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at P&S
Matthew E. Cunningham
Alexander Flint

Gate Pharmaceuticals’ Award
(excellence in family medicine or obstetrics/gynecology)
Ganya E. Alvarado

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award
(demonstrated compassion, scientific excellence, devoted patient care, and a humanistic role model)
Marla Catherine Mikelait

Dr. Charles F. Hamilton Award
(excellence in pulmonary disease)
Richard MacIntosh Thomas

Janeway Prize
(the highest achievement and abilities in the graduating class)
Scott Lewis Schissel

Albert B. Knapp Scholarship
(awarded at the conclusion of the third year to the medical student with highest scholarship in the first three years)
Scott Lewis Schissel

Dr. Harold Lamport Biomedical Research Prize
(excellence in research)
Kevin Forrest Kwaku

John K. Lattimer Prize in Urology
(outstanding essay in urology)
Jon-Erik Cleophas Holty

Barbara Liskin Memorial Award in Psychiatry
(empathy, scholarship, and excellence exhibited by Barbara Liskin)
Susan Annette Turner

Robert F. Loeb Award
(excellence in clinical medicine)
Scott Lewis Schissel

F. Lowenfish Prize in Dermatology
(creative research in dermatology)
Tami Jeanne Smith

Admiral David Willard Lyon Award
(outstanding academic achievement by a student serving in the U.S. armed forces)
Wade T. Gordon

Dr. Cecil G. Marquez, B.A.L.S.O. Student Award
(outstanding contribution to the Black and Latin Student Organization and the minority community)
Ana Griselda Cepin

Edith and Denton McKane Memorial Award
(outstanding research in ophthalmology)
Jason C. Wickens

Medical Society of the State of New York Award
(outstanding community service)
Monica Manandhar

Dr. Harold Lee Meierhof Memorial Prize
(outstanding achievement in pathology)
Juliet C. Park

Drs. William Nastuk, Beatrice Seegal, and Konrad Hsu Award
(demonstrated successful laboratory collaboration between student and faculty)
Scott Lewis Schissel

Marie Nercessian Memorial Award
(exhibiting care, unusual concern, and dedication to helping sick people)
Joseph Patrick Donahue

New York Orthopedic Hospital Award
(outstanding performance in research and
clinical work)
Stefano M. Sinicropi

Joseph Garrison Parker Award
(exemplifying, through activities in art, music, literature, and the public interest, that living and learning go together)
Rosemary Vittoria Sampogna

Samuel W. Rover and Lewis Rover Awards
(for outstanding achievement) in:
Anatomy and Cell Biology—
Scott Lewis Schissel

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Randolph S. Watnick

Genetics and Development—
Yu Chen
Shankar Srinivas

Physiology and Cellular Biophysics—
John O’Brien Clarke III

Rebecca A. Schwartz Memorial Prize
(achievement in pediatric cardiology)
Nicole Alice Sherry

Helen M. Sciarra Prize in Neurology
(outstanding achievement in neurology)
Magdalena A. Petryniak

Aura E. Severinghaus Scholar
(superior academic achievement)
Ganya E. Alvarado

Miriam Berkman Spotnitz Award
(excellence in research of neoplastic diseases)
Philip Adam Friedlander

William Perry Watson Prize in Pediatrics
(excellence in pediatrics)
Ann E. Salerno

Dr. William Raynor Watson Memorial Award
(excellence in psychiatry throughout four years of medical school)
Mathilde M. Hajek

Dr. Allen O. Whipple Memorial Prize
(outstanding performance in surgery)
Catherine A. Doyle

Sigmund L. Wilens Prize
(excellence in pathology)
Michael John Bank

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