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Commencement 1999

Faculty Awards

P&S Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Dr. Charles R. Noback, professor emeritus of anatomy and cell biology, and Dr. Arnold P. Gold, professor of clinical neurology and clinical pediatrics.

Charles W. Bohmfalk Awards were presented to Dr. Carmen Ortiz-Neu, associate clinical professor of medicine (for pre-clinical years), and Dr. Steven Z. Miller, Arnold P. Gold Professor of Pediatrics (for clinical years).

Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Awards in basic sciences were given to Dr. Gerald Siu, assistant professor of microbiology, and Dr. Andrew Tomlinson, assistant professor of genetics and development in the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior. Dr. Ramon Parsons, assistant professor of pathology and medicine, received the Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award in clinical sciences.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award was presented to Dr. Barbara Barlow, professor of clinical surgery and director of pediatric surgical services at Harlem Hospital Center.

The Class of 1999 gave its Distinguished Teacher Award to Dr. Jack H. Henry, clinical professor of orthopedic surgery.



Charles R. Noback
Andrew Tomlinson
Arnold P. Gold
Ramon Parsons
Carmen Ortiz-Neu
Barbara Barlow
Steven Z. Miller
Jack H. Henry
Gerald Siu
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