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17th Annual Samuel Bard Associates Dinner

Dean Herbert Pardes and Calvin H. Plimpton’51MSD
Dean Herbert Pardes and Calvin H. Plimpton’51MSD

The Samuel Bard Associates, the friends and generous supporters of P&S, convened for cocktails and dinner Feb. 24, 1999, in the vintage elegance of the Colonial Dames Museum House on New York’s Upper East Side. Master of ceremonies and annual fund chairman Richard J. Stock’47 set the stage with welcoming remarks. “Modern students think they have it hard getting into medical school,” he said, and proceeded to tell how the man after whom the association is named, Samuel Bard, the first professor of medicine at King’s College, the precursor of Columbia, was hijacked by pirates en route to Edinburgh and had to be ransomed before proceeding with his studies.

Dean Herbert Pardes presented the evening’s guest speaker, Calvin H. Plimpton’51MSD, whom he introduced as “the poet laureate of medicine.” Dean Pardes said that Dr. Plimpton, professor of medicine and dean emeritus at SUNY Downstate Brooklyn Health Science Center, brought “a love of life and a sparkle” to that institution, where Dr. Pardes was a former chairman of psychiatry.

Dr. Plimpton dedicated his remarks to “our Abbie,” the late admired and beloved Abbie Ingalls Knowlton’42, who served for many years as the chair of the P&S Annual Fund and whose spirit still reigns supreme over the Bard Associates. “You, Abbie,” he recalled, “made us appreciate the privilege of supporting something larger than ourselves. In response to rousing applause, he whispered into the microphone, peering upward: “Can you hear that, Abbie? Was it loud enough?”

Regional Program

Dr. Brian Hoffman, chairman emeritus of pharmacology at P&S, and his wife, Isis, an architect who served for many years as deputy vice president for facilities and operations at P&S, hosted an alumni luncheon at their new home in Key Biscayne, Fla., March 6, 1999. Anke Nolting, associate dean for development and executive director of alumni relations, and Kathy Couchells, director of alumni relations, flew down to join the festivities, as did Alumni Association president Oscar Garfein’65.

Parents Day

Andrew Frantz’55 chatting with new student family members
Andrew Frantz’55 chatting with new student family members

Parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, and friends came to share the P&S feeling at the seventh annual Parents Day program April 17, 1999. The event was coordinated, as in the past, by Carmen Ortiz-Neu’63, chairwoman of Parents Day, and Kathy Couchells, director of alumni relations. Dean Pardes offered welcoming remarks. Andrew G. Frantz’55, chairman of the admissions committee, revealed the secrets of selecting the best of the best. Ellen Spilker, director of student financial planning, gave financial tips. Faculty presenters were Ronald E. Drusin’66, associate dean for curricular affairs; Dr. Herbert Chase, course director for “Science Basic to the Practice of Medicine”; Glenda Garvey’69, course director of the third-year medicine clerkship; and Dr. Peter G. Gordon, director of the medical house staff training program. Students from various classes gave the inside story on medical student life. At a luncheon at the Bard Hall cafeteria, John K. Lattimer’38, chairman emeritus of urology at P&S, was the guest speaker.

Alumni Council

Andrew Frantz’55 chatting with new student family members
Jennifer Ashton’00 with son Alex, Flora Atkins, Martha Wells, and Kathy Couchells

Students, alumni, friends, and colleagues turned out to honor another beloved member of the P&S community, Andrew G. Frantz’55, who, as director of admissions, is directly responsible for the makeup of each class. Classmate Richard N. Pierson’55 saluted Dr. Frantz as the “first citizen of P&S” and offered a brief overview of his many accomplishments. Soon after his return to P&S, following training at Harvard, Dr. Frantz became the first division chief of endocrinology, a position he held for 17 years. In 1981, he was named chairman of the Admissions Committee and has executed the responsibilities of that office with remarkable success. Among former students who rose to pay tribute to a mentor and friend was David McDowell’89, president of the class that voted Dr. Frantz “teacher of the year;” he summed up student sentiments: “Dr. Frantz has more official and inofficial advisees than any teacher at P&S.” And Chris Dewing’00, a Frantz advisee, affirmed, tongue in cheek, that the ultimate criteria for his own acceptance had been “a degree from Harvard College in English literature and a place on the rugby team.” On a more serious note he added, “It’s always a privilege to meet the other people whom Dr. Frantz has given us in our class.” Thomas Q. Morris’58 read a letter from Dean Pardes thanking Dr. Frantz for his dedication and loyal service and officially announcing his appointment as associate dean. Deeply moved, Dr. Frantz rose to resounding applause. Upon opening a gift from the Alumni Council, he observed, “Oh my gosh, it’s a pen, now I can really sign letters of acceptance in style!”

Career Forum 1999

Alumni and P&S faculty in various fields offered the voice of experience to students
From left are Dr. Amy Tiersten, Maria Garzon’88, Eric Marcus’87,
Dr. Margaret Wood, Carrie Ruzal-Shapiro’82,
Dr. Lianne de Serres, and Dr. Guy Barile

Alumni and P&S faculty in various fields offered the voice of experience to students in an open question and answer session at the 1999 Career Forum on May 3, 1999. Speakers were Carrie Ruzal-Shapiro’82, associate professor of clinical radiology; Dr. Guy Barile, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology; Dr. Gina Brown, assistant professor of OB/GYN; Maria C. Garzon’88, a dermatologist in private practice; Dr. Amy Tiersten, assistant professor of medicine; Marc Eisenberg’95, assistant in clinical medicine; Eric Marcus’87, clinical professor of psychiatry and social medicine; Dr. Margaret Wood, E.M. Papper Professor and Chairman of Anesthesiology; and Dr. Lianne M. de Serres, an otolaryngologist.

Women’s Resource Center

Sarah Weddington, the celebrated attorney who successfully argued the landmark Roe vs. Wade case before the U.S. Supreme Court, spoke to members of the CPMC Women’s Resource Center on May 6, 1999. Her impassioned presentation was titled “A Call to Action: Protecting Reproductive Rights in the New Millennium.” Ms. Weddington, author of “A Question of Choice,” which details the history of her involvement in the case, is adjunct professor at the University of Texas.

Ethics in Medical Practice

The subject was patient confidentiality at the fourth annual George L. Hawkins’41 Lecture on Ethics in Medical Practice on March 12, 1999. David J. Rothman, professor of history and Schoenberg Professor of Social Medicine at P&S, shared the podium with Barron H. Lerner’86, assistant professor of medicine, who also holds a degree in history. Each treated different aspects of a complex issue. Dr. Hawkins’ daughter, Polly, and granddaughter, Addie, were on hand to celebrate his legacy and commitment to ethics in medicine.

Director Appointed

Martha Wells

Martha Wells, a development associate at P&S, was promoted to director of anniversary class giving for the P&S Alumni Association and the dean’s office. Ms. Wells, formerly affiliated with the Association of American Medical Colleges, will lead alumni class anniversary efforts into the new millennium.


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