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Alumni Notes

By Marianne Wolff’52


Alfred G. Knudson received the Albert Lasker Clinical Medical Science Award in 1998 and the Gairdner Foundation International Award in 1997.


Richard A. Elias’55
Richard A. Elias’55
Richard A. Elias,
clinical professor of medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine, chief of professional services, and chairman of the board of the Miami Heart Institute, also officiates as co-chair of the Clinical Research Committee of the Columbia-Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council. . . . After 30 years in office, Richard Naeye retired as chairman of pathology at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Still working full time, his research on the causes and timing of hypoxemic/ischemic brain damage in utero continues.


An honorary doctor of science degree was awarded to George P. Cannelos by Athens (Greece) University in 1997. . . . Peter B. Dunne has become interim chairman of neurology at the University of South Florida.


K.J. Lee’s textbook, “Essential Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery,” came out in its seventh edition in 1998. K.J. has published nine other books. One of his books has been translated into Spanish and another one into Ukrainian. K.J. is associate clinical professor at Yale and chief of otolaryngology at the Hospital of St. Raphael. He serves as secretary/treasurer of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Foundation, as Connecticut chairman of the Deafness Research Foundation, and as CEO of a multispecialty group. . . . The Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine at Columbia bestowed its George E. Daniels Merit Award for 1998 on Eleanor Schuker for her outstanding contributions to psychiatry and psychoanalysis.


David C. Brewster is president of the New England Society for Vascular Surgery. In addition to having a busy surgical practice and conducting clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital, David is director of endoluminal therapies for vascular diseases, including endovascular repair of arteriosclerotic aortic aneurysms.


Joseph Korn is the Alan S. Cohen Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology at Boston University School of Medicine.


As of Jan. 1, 1999, Donald R. Mattison is medical director of the March of Dimes. He oversees the medical and scientific bases for various programs of the organization. Dr. Mattison is dean of the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. He also holds professorships in environmental and occupational health in the School of Public Health and in OB/GYN and reproductive sciences in the School of Medicine at Pittsburgh. He is former chief of the Section on Reproductive Toxicology, Pregnancy Research Branch, at the Institute of Child Health and Human Development Toxicological Sciences. Donald is a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology and a fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences.


L. Dade Lunsford is chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh. He holds the Lars Leksell Professorship in Radiology and Radiation Oncology. In addition, he is director of the Center for Image-Guided Neurosurgery. His special interest is stereotactic surgery. He was responsible for introducing the gamma knife to the University of Pittsburgh.


Jerome P. Ehrlich is vice president of clinical literature development at Physicians World Communications Group, the largest medical education and communications company in the United States. . . . Having stepped down as chief of rheumatology at the Park Nicollet Clinic in Minneapolis, Minn., Eric Schned was named chairman of the Clinical Board of Governors of Health System Minnesota, which is the parent organization of Park Nicollet Clinic and Methodist Hospital.


James Dunford is the medical director of the city of San Diego, while maintaining his title as clinical professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. Jim also supervises San Diego’s Emergency Medical Services System, the first public/private EMS program in the United States.


Guests at the bar mitzvah of the son of Peter Small’81, right, and his wife, Marion Yeppes’81, center, included classmates Randy Feld’81 and Scott Wilson’81 at left and Khether Raby’81, second from right.
Guests at the bar mitzvah of the son of Peter Small’81, right, and his wife, Marion Yeppes’81, center, included classmates Randy Feld’81 and Scott Wilson’81 at left and Khether Raby’81, second from right.
A mini-reunion of the class occurred in November 1998 at the bar mitzvah of the son of Peter Small and Martha Yeppes.


Jonathan A. Aviv is director of head and neck surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery at P&S. He is also chairman of the Speech, Voice and Swallowing Committee of the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and technical adviser to the Health and Human Services Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.


Janis D. Chester has been named chairwoman of Bayhealth Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry, located in Dover, Del. She will oversee operations at the St. Jones Center for Behavioral Health.


Dawn McGuire, an assistant professor of neurology at UCSF and vice president of clinical research and medical affairs at Neurex Corp, has received an NIMH grant to investigate neuroprotection in AIDS dementia. Her avocation is writing poetry; she won the 1998 Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize. Dawn lives in Berkeley with her partner and two children.


Ronald J. Green has opened a sleep disorder lab, in addition to the community smoking cessation program he already runs in Arlington, Wash. In December 1998, he spent three weeks hiking the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu in Peru.

Ronald J. Green’90 hiking up Macchu Picchu in Peru

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