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Health Sciences Organizes for Columbia’s 250th Anniversary

Representatives of the four Health Sciences schools met in February to plan for the medical center’s participation in the upcoming 250th anniversary celebration of Columbia University in 2003–2004. Columbia Trustee Emeritus Henry L. King and Columbia History Professor Kenneth Jackson, co-chairs of the 250th anniversary program, attended a luncheon meeting to discuss the University’s planning process and the role of the Health Sciences. Columbia President George Rupp has asked that the overall theme stress the interconnection of the schools and programs to the evolution of the University as a whole.

“The fact that the 250th anniversary of the medical school will also occur in a few years makes this an especially auspicious time to be thinking about how Columbia became the institution it is today,” says Dr. William A. Polf, deputy vice president for external relations and strategic programs.

A number of people from the Health Sciences are already active in the 250th anniversary effort, including Dr. Allan Formicola, dean of the School of Dental and Oral Surgery; Dr. Donald Tapley, senior deputy vice president for Health Sciences; Dr. Eric Kandel, University Professor in Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Psychiatry, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics; and Dr. Richard Axel, Higgins Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics.

Information about the University’s anniversary planning can be requested from the Office of the Secretary of the University, 211 Low Library, Columbia University, New York, 10027, (212) 854-5017.

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