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The P&S Journal: Spring 1998, Vol.18, No.2
Alumni News and Notes
Alumnus Presides over Medical Advancement Program in China

Since its founding in 1937 as a conduit for medical aid during the Japanese invasion of mainland China and subsequent shift of focus to medical advancement in Taiwan, the American Bureau for Medical Advancement in China (ABMAC) has maintained a strong link to P&S faculty and alumni.

ABMAC’s current president, Gerard M. Turino’48, recently named to a second term, continues to focus the organization’s efforts on educational exchange, sending visiting professors from the United States to Taiwan and bringing postgraduate medical trainees to American medical schools. More than 350 Taiwanese health professionals, including doctors and nurses, have benefited from ABMAC fellowships. The organization also fosters public health projects and has sponsored medical conferences.

Dr. Turino and his wife, Dorothy Estes’50, first participated as H. William Harris Visiting Professors in Taiwan in 1991. Both joined the board and in 1995, Dr. Turino succeeded Donald Armstrong’57 as president; Dr. Armstrong’s predecessor was Richard N. Pierson Jr.’55.

The Columbia connection runs deep. P&S professors Dr. Frank Meleney (who discovered bacitracin) and physiologist Dr. Donald D. Van Slyke were among the founders. Other distinguished P&S faculty active with ABMAC included former associate dean Dr. Aura Severinghaus, plastic surgeon Dr. Jerome Webster, physiologist Dr. Magnus Gregerson, and surgeon Dr. George H. Humphreys II, all past presidents. P&S neurophysiologist Dr. S.C. Wang also was active. Surgeon James Malm’49 contributed expertise and time, as did P&S cardiologist Dr. Kung-Ming Jan and plastic surgeon David T.W. Chiu’73.

Other P&S alumni on the board of directors are Ronald D. Carlin Ph.D.’75, Shu Chien Ph.D.’57, Anne L. Davis’49, Scott Halstead’55, Bryan A. Liang’91, Warren D. Johnson Jr.’62, B. Christoph Meyer’89, and Kermit L. Pines’42/MSD’49.

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