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P&S Journal

The P&S Journal: Spring 1998, Vol.18, No.2
Alumni News and Notes
More Music on the Heights

Thanks to the efforts of the P&S Musicians’ Guild, whose current directors are Anne Hudson’00 and Jack Rose’00, medical students and doctors keep making beautiful music together at P&S. Recent performances included the Dec. 11 winter recital to benefit the restoration of the Bard Hall and Alumni Auditorium pianos (see Winter 1998 P&S Journal), and an evening of duets on Jan. 29 by Shanti Serdy’98 on violin and Andrew Goodridge on piano. Both events were co-sponsored by the Musicians’ Guild and the P&S Alumni Association.

Seated from left: Ben Wright’53 of Princeton, N.J., Lonnie MacDonald’54 of New York City, Stan Inhorn’53 of Madison, Wis., John Sarno’50 of New York City, John Durfey’54 of Cincinnati, Art Hall’52 of Newton Center, Mass., and Denny Cox’52 of New York City. Standing from left: Bob Goodale’56 of Minneapolis, Tommy Thompson’53 of Dallas, Allyn Kidwell’52 of Sun City, Ariz., Dan Pettee’55 of Rochester, N.Y., Bart Smith’51 of Westwood, Mass., Bob Salerno’54 of Chappaqua, N.Y., Bill Kane’58 of Edina, Minn., Jim Terry’53 of Brooklyn, Jim Hastings’54 of Princeton, N.J., and Jay Goodkind’53 of New Hope, Pa.

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