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The P&S Journal: Spring 1998, Vol.18, No.2
P & S News
Neurology has New Chairman

A neurologist regularly named to “best doctors” lists has been appointed to lead a P&S department that consistently ranks among the very best in the United States. Dr. Timothy A. Pedley succeeds Dr. Lewis P. Rowland, who served as chairman of neurology since 1973.

Dr. Pedley joined Columbia in 1979 following appointments at Stanford University and the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry in London. He is a 1969 graduate of Yale’s medical school.

“I am very much aware of how eminent this department is, its historical leadership role in American neurology, and the immense contributions of my predecessors, especially H. Houston Merritt and Lewis P. Rowland,” says Dr. Pedley. “My challenge is to preserve their legacy by helping the department adapt to the pressures felt by all academic clinical departments as a result of the revolution in health care while making the department the essential translational interface between the exciting advances in basic neuroscience and the need of clinicians for new therapies that can prevent, stop, and reverse the devastating effects of many diseases of the brain.”

As a specialist in epilepsy, Dr. Pedley has overseen important research into the causes and treatment of epilepsy. Under Dr. Pedley’s direction, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has shed new light on every aspect of the disease, from its molecular level to its social impact. Dr. Pedley is active in the American Academy of Neurology and serves as treasurer of the American Neurological Association. He has been president of the American Epilepsy Society, the Epilepsy Foundation of America, and the American EEG Society.

Dr. Pedley was listed in American Health’s March 1996 cover story “The Nation’s Top M.D.s—Chosen by Their Colleagues.” The Department of Neurology is regularly mentioned in U.S. News and World Report’s yearly feature “America’s Best Hospitals,” which ranks hospitals by clinical category. In the latest rankings of neurology specialties, Columbia’s neurology department ranked No. 4.

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