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P&S Journal

The P&S Journal: Spring 1998, Vol.18, No.2
A Day in Special Collections
The Future Is Always Bright

To be sure, Mr. Novak and his team should be proud of the amount of work they have achieved in a very short time. In just a few months they have taken an inventory of their holdings, acquiring a surprising knowledge of both the history of the institution as well as what’s in the collections. They’ve cleaned up and reorganized the materials to achieve a consistent and sensible order among the topics. And they’ve even completed a few other tasks, such as cataloging the P&S student notebooks and organizing the Orton papers. As Mr. Novak puts it, “the framework of control is there.”

In June, parts of the exterior of the Hammer building—walkways, planters, and plaza spaces—will be renovated to solve the water leak problems. Plans for the coming years include an entire renovation of the space occupied by Scholarly Resources, making the facility a safer and more sound home for its important holdings. “The next step is a facilities plan for the renovation of the lower levels of the Hammer building,” says Dr. Molholt. “Expanded space for archives and special collections is definitely on the list.” That will bring a wealth of research opportunity to Dr. Rosner and other researchers who will benefit from the efforts of those who made the history and of those who put it all into order.

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