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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1

By Marianne Wolff'52


Thomas Edward Cone Jr. was named an Honourary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. The Perinatal Society of the American Society of Pediatrics and the Irish and American Paediatric Society also honored Tom by holding annual lectures in his name.


Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical honor society, selected C. Lockard Conley as a "Leader of American Medicine." This program was initiated by Drs. David E. and Beatrice C. Seegal in 1967. A videotape of a one-hour interview with Dr. Conley is available from AOA . . . . John T. Goodner is an honorary staff surgeon and director of the Head & Neck Tumor Service at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. He is also an honorary staff surgeon at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, N.Y., and is on the emeritus staff of the Thoracic Surgery Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He is the former medical director of the Facility of Life Extension Institute at the American Stock Exchange.


Howard D. Zucker co-edited "Medical Futility and the Evaluation of Life-Sustaining Interventions," Cambridge University Press, 1997. His wife, Marjorie'44 Ph.D., was the other editor.


Leon J. Warshaw is co-author of "Protecting the Health of the Public: The New York Academy of Medicine 1947-1997," published in 1997. He was also associate editor of the fourth edition of the "Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety," published in 1997 by the International Labor Organization.


Byron C. Butler received a D.M.Sc. degree from Columbia in 1953 for his work on the use of TPA in obstetrics. His name is listed in "American Men & Women of Science," "Who's Who in America," "Who's Who in the World," and the first edition of "Medicine & Health." He is also a well-known collector of Southwest American Indian art and artifacts and is listed in "Who's Who in American Art." Another field of interest is gemology, which he studied for 10 years and for which he has traveled extensively.


Interim chairman of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, Albert Stunkard continues his research on obesity; his grant for that endeavor has just been renewed for its 41st year.


Arnold B. Scheibel received the Harriet & Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Award from UCLA for 1997. He also co-edited (with W. Schopf) "The Origin and Evolution of Intelligence," Jones & Bartlett, Boston, 1997.


William Allen Bauman was appointed chairman of the historical committee of the Babies Hospital Alumni Association.


Hugo Moser is director of neurogenetics research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. He is also professor of neurology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins. In 1997, he received the Robert Guthrie Award for Advances in Biochemical and Molecular Genetics and the Commissioner's Special Citation from the Food and Drug Administration . . . . After 41 years of practice, Harold M. Unger retired, allowing his son Stephen W., a 1962 graduate of Columbia College, to continue the practice. Harold has joined wife Caryl's antique silver business in Miami Beach.


Grace G. Herman retired after practicing occupational medicine at Metropolitan Life for 18 years. Her avocation is writing and her first collection of poems, "Set Against Darkness," was published in 1992 . . . . Paul A. Marks, president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Greater New York Hospital Association in 1997 . . . . William R. Scott, clinical professor of surgery at the University of Minnesota for more than 30 years, retired from his practice of general/thoracic surgery; he is still doing some locum tenens work in emergency medicine in a small community hospital and continues his consulting work for Medicare. In November 1997 he attended the opening of a hospital in southwestern Bangladesh, the third southeast Asia hospital with which the Scotts have been associated over the past 40 years.


Audrey K. Brown is professor emeritus of pediatrics at SUNY. She was appointed chairman of a special New York March of Dimes-sponsored study of the impact of early neonatal discharge on outcome and readmission of neonates. She is also chairman of the Kernicterus Symposium given annually at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting . . . . Richard J. Conroy practices internal medicine and is a senior consultant at the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, Calif. He has curtailed his working hours to allow more time for tennis, travel, and attempts at mastering computer applications . . . . George N. Harris works as a part-time radiologist in the VA Hospital in Prescott, Ariz. His hobbies include playing drums with the local college band, playing golf, working his amateur radio, and helping with Rotary Club activities.


Burton Combes has been at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas for more than 40 years and finds it to be a wonderful institution, where he discovered a cadre of other P&S graduates. Burt is active in liver research. He is professor of internal medicine, chief of the hepatology division, and chairman of the Promotions and Tenure Committee . . . . Robert T. Edmunds is listed in the 13th edition of "Who's Who in the World." A retired surgeon, Bob was instrumental in enhancing the vision of albino children with the use of specialized contact lenses. He lives in New York City . . . . Cadvan O. Griffiths was elected president of the Malibu Medical Society in the Los Angeles area. He founded two free clinics in Cambodia. He works actively on anti-rape legislation in California. Cad and his son, also an M.D., are active supporters of the Venice Free Clinic . . . . Lila A. Wallis received the Laureate Award from the American College of Physicians in 1997 . . . . Walter S. Wood is professor emeritus at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine but still makes infectious disease rounds with fellows, house staff, and students at the Hines VA. He is studying the epidemiology of Lyme disease.


John M. Bozer has been medical director of the cardiac rehabilitation program at Buffalo General Hospital for 17 years. The program has received accreditation for pulmonary rehabilitation as well . . . . Leonard H. Brandon was elected chairman of the board of directors of the Mississippi Foundation for Medical Care, the peer review organization sponsored by the Mississippi State Medical Association . . . . Garth B. Dettinger sees OB patients two days a week, teaches future nurses and nurse practitioners, and is a surgical consultant to the CIA . . . . John A. Wheliss of Raleigh, N.C., still has a "gargantuan ophthalmic practice in spite of 'mangled care.'" . . . One of the annual medals presented by the Columbia University Alumni Federation was awarded to Marianne Wolff in May 1997; the year before she received the P&S Alumni Association's Gold Medal for "meritorious service to the association."


James Q. Miller was chairman of the Ethics Committee at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center in Charlottesville from 1988 to 1996 and has chaired the school's Curriculum Committee since 1995.


Ken Altman, a gastroenterologist, has obtained a patent for a self-advancing endoscope and is attempting to get it manufactured . . . . Robert M. Hollister was voted 1996 Physician of the Year at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tenn.


Stanley S. Bergen Jr. was awarded two honorary degrees in May 1996, one from Ramapo College of New Jersey, the other from Princeton University . . . . The Alumni Auditorium is to be named after Richard A. Elias, a member of the Columbia-Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council and co-chairman of its research committee . . . . Scott B. Halstead served as president of the 14th Congress of Tropical Medicine and Malaria, held in Nagasaki, Japan, in 1996. He also was appointed a member of the Naval Research Advisory Committee to the Secretary of the Navy . . . . Marilyn Heins received Tucson's first "Woman of Vision" award from the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, Arizona region. In addition, she was given the Arizona Medical Association's 1997 President's Award for Distinguished Service. Her column on parenting in the Arizona Daily Star was cited as attesting to her "dedication to her patients and the medical profession as a whole." . . . Nathan Kase will step down as dean of the Mount Sinai medical school in January 1998, resuming his role as professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine. . . . Anne Bingham Pierson is company physician for a small company in Waterford, Conn. She is also an accomplished painter and in the summer of 1997 exhibited 92 of her watercolors under her nom de peintre Anne Wright. The show was titled "Joy from Gardens and Beyond," which pretty much explains the subject of the paintings . . . . Dudley F. Rochester received the award for scientific accomplishment from the American Thoracic Society in May 1996. The following year he won the Douglas Southall Freeman Award from the American Lung Association of Virginia. Though officially retired, he still does some research and medical writing.


Jaroslav F. Hulka was elected honorary member of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists; he is now one of only four American honorary members. The third edition of his textbook on laparoscopy was scheduled for publication in September 1997 . . . . Moses M. Mahoi has been practicing family medicine in Sierra Leone for 30 years and is now actively retired" at his family clinic. Moses' motto, which also appears on his letterhead, is "For of the Most High Cometh Healing" (the words inscribed over the entrance to the Presbyterian Hospital building).


Henry Buchwald is president of the Central Surgical Association and president-elect of the American Society of Bariatric Surgery. The Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota has established a Henry Buchwald Award in his honor.


William S. Appleton is the author of "Prozac and the New Antidepressants," Plume/Penguin, 1997.


George P. Cannelos received the Scientific Achievement Award from the American Society for Clinical Oncology in 1996. He continues to serve as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The William Rosenberg Professor of Medicine at Harvard and chief of medical oncology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, he has been elected to fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in London.


Howard A. Fox is chairman and residency director of the Department of Pediatrics at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey. He also is clinical professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hahnemann School of Medicine . . . . Joel Kraut was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary and was elected president of the Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons.


Robert Burd is director of the Yale/St. Vincent's joint oncology fellowship program. He holds associate professorships at Yale and New York Medical College. The 1997 editions of "Who's Who in America" and "Best Doctors in America, Northeastern Region" include Bob in their listings . . . . Jerome L. Shupack was appointed professor of clinical dermatology and senior consultant to the dermapharmacology unit at NYU. He has been principal investigator in numerous new drug developments in dermatology.


Oscar Garfein received an M.B.A. degree from Columbia in 1997. He was class speaker at graduation ceremonies, was elected to the National Business School Honor Society, and is co-editor-in-chief and founder of Executive M.B.A. Yearbook. On the side, he practices cardiology and is president-elect of the P&S Alumni Association.


Charles Hodge was appointed to the American Board of Neurological Surgeons. He is president-elect of the Society of University Neurosurgeons . . . . Along with the NIH and an Italian group of researchers, William G. Johnson and his group at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School have located and identified the first gene for Parkinson's disease.


Andrew E. Slaby is professor of psychiatry at NYU and at New York Medical College. He sits on the national board of the American Foundation for Prevention of Suicide. Andy is past president of the American Association of Suicidology and in 1996 received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Association of Emergency Psychiatry. His book dealing with his research on survivors of adolescent suicide, "No One Saw My Pain," was published by Norton in 1996.


Carol Berkowitz was elected to the board of directors of the American Board of Pediatrics. She also serves as chair of the Residency Review Committee in Pediatrics . . . . Virginia LiVolsi was awarded the Scanno Prize in Medicine for 1997 in recognition of her work in the pathology of the thyroid. Virginia is president of the Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology and is the incoming president of the Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists . . . . Martin Wolferstan was appointed attending in emergency medicine at the Regional Hospital in Newcastle in northeastern England. The nearby town of Washington was home to George Washington's family, Martin says.


The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation named Martha G. Welch a visiting fellow for 1997-2000. She gave a two-day seminar under the auspices of the University of British Columbia and the B.C. Health Ministries in British Columbia. She is recording secretary of the P&S Alumni Association.


Robert A. Boxer is professor of clinical pediatrics at Cornell University and chief of critical care medicine and an associate in pediatric cardiology at North Shore University Hospital. Bob and his physician wife have two teen-age children . . . . James A.L. Mathers is chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of the American College of Chest Physicians; among other topics discussed by this committee were the tobacco negotiations and the debate over Medicare funding for graduate medical education. He actively practices pulmonary and critical care medicine.


Lucian K. DeNicola submitted a review chapter on drowning and near drowning to Critical Care Clinics of North America. He also attended the Legislative Conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics and lobbied Congress to pass children's health legislation . . . . Richard A. Saunders was named N. Edgar Miles Professor in Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston . . . . Edward Tabor is the co-editor of "Liver Cancer," published by Churchill-Livingstone.


James F. Burris, clinical professor of medicine and pharmacology at Georgetown University, has been appointed deputy chief research and development officer in the Office of the Undersecretary for Health, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


David P. Roye has been chief of the pediatric orthopedic division at Babies & Children's Hospital for the past 10 years. His wife, Carol, is an associate professor in epidemiology and nursing at Hunter College. Son Benjamin'97 is starting his residency at CPMC in--you guessed it, orthopedic surgery. Daughter Katie started P&S as a member of the Class of 2001. Son Erin is one of 141 teen-agers nationwide named 1997 Presidential Scholars; he started Yale in the fall of 1997. The three other children are too young for predictions re their future association with P&S.


John Joseph Barsa, a member of the Columbia University Private Practice Plan, is in full-time private practice in psychiatry . . . . Nancy R. Otto and Philip T. Valentine are in San Antonio, where he is associate professor of pathology at the University of Texas and she is a busy hand surgeon in private practice. They are also raising their three children.


Julian Allen has an NIH grant to study the pulmonary complications of sickle cell disease in children. He was also appointed chairman of the long-range planning committee of the Pediatric Assembly of the American Thoracic Society . . . . Leslie Davidson was elected a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a fellow of the newly established Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in England . . . . Barbara Koppel was promoted to professor of neurology at New York Medical College. She also served as vice president of the board of Metropolitan Hospital in 1995. Barbara and husband, Tim Pedley, have two children who appear to be athletically gifted.


Steven J.C. Shea is the Hamilton Southworth Professor of Medicine at Columbia. He also is director of the general medicine division.


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has named Lisa M. DeAngelis the first occupant of the Jerome B. Posner Chair in Neurology. Lisa is a neuro-oncologist whose main interests lie in the therapy of primary CNS lymphomas and oligodendrogliomas. She chairs MSKCC's neurology department . . . . Celia J. Maxwell has been selected a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow for 1997-98. She is one of six awardees nationally; the fellows will spend a year in Washington, D.C., to enrich their knowledge of all aspects of public policy as it relates to health issues.


Chief of plastic surgery at Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Charles L. Castiglione has been appointed chief of plastic surgery at the new Connecticut Children's Medical Center . . . . Scott N. Wilson helped to organize, and now teaches at, the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies at Massachusetts General Hospital. He was involved as principal investigator in a recent study of immunologic changes in patients suffering psychological trauma. Scott has a private psychiatry practice in Boston.


Laura Chalfin has been awarded a sizeable grant by the New York State Department of Health Primary Care Initiative to enhance primary care services. Laura, a board-certified family practitioner in rural New York, is the only private practitioner awarded funding through this program . . . . Alan Felix has been promoted to associate clinical professor of psychiatry at P&S . . . . Alberto Krieger is a managing partner in Pediatrics Associates, the largest private, single-specialty pediatrics group in the United States . . . . Martin Weinstock (who entered with the Class of 1981) is founder and first president of the International Dermatoepidemiology Association.


The Orthopedic Research & Education Foundation has awarded Donald C. Fithian one of two career grants for a three-year project to study patellofemoral instability.


Carol L. Brown, who served as chairman of the New York State Department of Health-Ovarian Cancer Information Advisory Council in 1997, has been elected to fellowship in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . . . . Susan Mandel received her M.P.H. from Harvard in June 1997. She is assistant professor of medicine and assistant chief of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism at the University of Pennsylvania.


Linda Brzustowicz is assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. In addition to a psychiatry residency, Linda took a three-year fellowship in molecular genetics and did postdoctoral research on mapping genes for psychiatric and neurological disorders. She has published more than 25 papers, is an active member of the American Medical Women's Association, and has a number of hobbies, including hiking, bicycling, and playing with her poodle . . . . Thomas D'Amico, assistant professor of surgery at Duke University Medical Center and co-director of the Laboratory of Lung Cancer Research, is the current recipient of the American College of Surgeons Faculty Scholar Research Award . . . . Jeffrey L. Maxcy was named one of the best pediatricians in Phoenix in an annual survey of the city's best doctors conducted by Phoenix magazine.


Jonathan David has become a fellow of the American College of Physicians.


David McDowell, medical director of the substance treatment and research service at P&S, has been appointed to the P&S Admissions Committee. He has made numerous television appearances, on "20/20" and "The Montel Williams Show" and on CNN, Fox Channel 5, and New York 1 programs.


Charlene Huang completed her M.P.H. from UCLA as part of a Maternal and Child Health Bureau Fellowship. She is clinical instructor in adolescent medicine at UCLA.


Joseph K. Belanoff received the 1997 Young Investigator Award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression.


Having completed his ophthalmology residency at Harkness Eye Institute, Aaron Fay is taking a fellowship in ocular oncology and ophthalmic plastic surgery at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston . . . . James McKiernan had a paper, "Expression of the Tumor Associated Gene M N, a Potential Biomarker for Human Renal Cell Carcinoma," published in Cancer Research . . . . Anita Wray has received renewal of her American Heart Association fellowship award for her work on the phenotypic and genotypic characterization of a large African-American family with familial dilated cardiomyopathy.


Scott D. Oesterling received a departmental award for compassion in patient care during his internship year. He was also voted the outstanding OB/GYN resident by the Stanford medical students.

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