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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1
Parents Day

The Alumni Auditorium was teeming with multiple family members of new students last April for the fifth annual Parents Day Program. Coordinated by Carmen Ortiz-Neu'63, associate clinical professor of medicine and chairman of the Parents Day Program, and Katherine Couchells, director of alumni affairs, the program painted a vivid picture of the medical student experience. Dean Herbert Pardes welcomed parents and others who came from as far away as California to learn about P&S student life.

Other speakers were Ronald E. Drusin'66, professor of clinical medicine and associate dean for curricular affairs; Ellen Spilker, director of student financial planning; and Andrew G. Frantz'55, professor of medicine and chairman of the admissions committee. Dr. Herbert Chase, associate professor of clinical medicine and course director for Science Basic to the Practice of Medicine, discussed the faculty's difficult decision-making process concerning what to include in the changing curriculum. Dr. Dickson Despommier, professor of microbiology and public health and course director for Parasitic Diseases, gave an infectiously amusing and informative presentation on global medicine. John P. Bilezikian'69, professor of medicine and of pharmacology, chief of endocrinology, and associate chairman for education in the Department of Medicine, spoke on the medical residency selection process.

Students Andrew R. Watson'97, Rebecca A. Moss'99, Christine H. Shin'98, and Davinder J. Singh'96 each discussed a different aspect of the rich fabric of student life.

The guest speaker at a luncheon in the Bard Hall cafeteria was the distinguished urologist and professor emeritus, John K. Lattimer'38, who tapped his avocation as historian and collector to present highlights from the history of P&S. The student a cappella group, the Ultrasounds, provided harmonious entertainment.

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