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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1
Career Forum '97

Faculty and alumni in a wide range of fields shared their insights on practice with current students at a Career Forum sponsored by the alumni association last spring.

Dr. Allen Hyman, professor of anesthesiology and chief of staff at Presbyterian Hospital, kicked off the forum with a lively discussion of the history and recent developments in residency training.

Other participants, each enthusiastic proponents of his or her chosen field, included P&S faculty members Steven Miller'84, assistant professor of pediatrics; James Giglio, assistant clinical professor of medicine and specialist in emergency medicine; and David McDowell'89, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry. Alumni in private practice were represented by internist Alissa Greenberg'94, surgeon Joe DeRose'93, neurologist Walter Nieves'76, and ophthalmologist Donna Densel'88. Tanvir Choudhri'94, a postdoctoral residency fellow in neurological surgery, presented the vantage point of someone still in training.

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