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P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1
In Memoriam


Jerry C. Jacobs, M.D.

Dr. Jerry C. Jacobs, professor of clinical pediatrics, died Sept. 6, 1997, of cancer. He was a leading authority on rheumatoid arthritis in children and directed the section on pediatric rheumatology at Babies & Children's Hospital.

He lectured throughout the world and published articles on juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and diseases of the connective tissue in children. A native of New York, Dr. Jacobs graduated from P&S in 1956. Following an internship at Bellevue Hospital, he returned to P&S to complete his training in pediatrics and a fellowship in rheumatology. Dr. Jacobs embarked on a pediatric practice in Riverdale and in 1962 became director of pediatric rheumatology as pediatrician-in-chief of the Edward Daniels Faulkner Arthritis Clinic at Columbia-Presbyterian.

He identified new syndromes, such as familial hypertrophic synovitis and streaking leukocyte factor, and was instrumental in recognizing Kawasaki disease in American children. He tested and developed innovative therapeutic regimens for systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, Kawasaki disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and other rheumatological diseases, modifying and refining them for use in pediatric rheumatology. In 1986, Dr. Jacobs founded the Regional Arthritis Program for Children (RAP-4-KIDS), a Columbia-Presbyterian outreach program designed to meet the educational, psychological, and social needs of children and their families.

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Kenneth L. Day, M.D., associate in clinical urology at Overlook Hospital, died Aug. 24, 1996.


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