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P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1
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Home Medical Guide

The online "Columbia University Complete Home Medical Guide," until recently limited to medical center users of the World Wide Web, has been opened up to public use through the CPMCnet site. "It's the first attempt we've made to bring a patient-focused resource to the site," says Gary Sebel, webmaster and editor-in-chief of CPMCnet.

People outside CPMC often have located online information about research and services at Columbia through searches for specific medical information, but much of that information was designed for the CPMC community, not for the public at large. Allowing public access to the online medical guide is expected to potentially draw a million additional visitors to CPMCnet. Currently, CPMCnet receives approximately 1.8 million hits per month.

The "Home Medical Guide," edited by faculty of P&S for a lay audience, covers general health and physiology information and has guidelines for using today's health care system. The six sections of the guide have 34 chapters covering such information as "The Fundamentals of Good Health," "Basics of CPR and Life Support," "Cancer" and "Allergies."

Many of CPMCnet's sites generate patient-related traffic. For example, a search for information on brain tumors would draw a Web user to CPMCnet's site for the Brain Tumor Center at the Neurological Institute. With the "Home Medical Guide" now accessible, users can get general information about brain tumor diagnosis and treatment in the guide and follow links to and from the Brain Tumor Center's home page.

"The Home Medical Guide" can be accessed on the World Wide Web at

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