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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1998, Vol.18, No.1

An Alumnus Who Makes a Difference

Dear Editor,

I was so pleased to see and read the article about Michael Iseman (An All-Star on the Team Against TB) in the Spring 1997 issue of PS. During a trip to California in 1991, where he spoke about the dangers of second-hand smoke, this gentle giant turned to me and said: We're very lucky; we've been given the opportunity to make a difference. He does; he always has, and, as long as I have known him, it has always been for the better.

Avrum Bluming'65

Clinical Professor of Medicine

University of Southern California


By John C. Wood'49

Dedicated to Dr. Yale Kneeland

This poem brought to mind the memory of Dr. and mentor Yale Kneeland's vivid and dramatic lecture on lobar (pneumococcal) pneumonia--just a few years after penicillin entered the pharmacopoeia and before its synthesis. (J.C.W.)

Pale horse across

Night's black, black screen.

New moon, stars snuffed

By cloud-grave blankets.

No power on display,

Nor nostrils flared, nor eyes alert.

No pounding of the earth,

Or wild spirit's sound.

Ghost horse, plodding,

Looking for a rider.

'Pneumonia is an old man's friend.'

If there be strength

To mount the rib-etched beast,

Who would define the path,

What stable to be found?

Could one hold the rose again?

Or would pale horse, pale rider

Cross to formless isolation?

Gray dawn erodes black night.

The germicidal bag is hung;

Fugue and horse are gone.

For now reprieve - until

Another new moon winter's night

When gaunt horse's trail of dust

Blankets heaven's stars.

Dr. Wood lives in Yardley, Pa. His previous contribution to PS Journal was an essay, Changing Medical Lexicon and Alternative Care Modalities (Insights of an Older Physician), published in the Fall 1996 issue. Spock Revisited

Save the Date

A forum on the legacy of PS alumnus Dr. Benjamin Spock is planned for May 14, 1998, on the afternoon preceding the 1998 PS Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Dr. Spock, a 1929 graduate of PS, turns 95 in May, and the seventh edition of his famous book, Baby and Child Care, will be published near his birthday. A biography by a health and science reporter at Newsday is also to be published in May. A segment of the AE television network's Biography series is scheduled to profile Dr. Spock this year.

Mark your calendar for this event, to be held in the PS Alumni Auditorium.

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