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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1997, Vol.17, No.2
In Memoriam

Class of 1926

Antoinette Raia, a retired general practitioner from Jackson Heights, N.Y., died Feb 25, 1996.


Class of 1927

Alfred Schenone, a retired obstetrician from Brooklyn, died Nov. 28, 1996.


Class of 1929

Word has been received of the death of retired surgeon, Adrian R. Avitabile, date unknown. Dr. Avitabile, a past president of the Bay Ridge Medical Society in Brooklyn, was affiliated with Lutheran Medical Center, Beekman Downtown, and Bay Ridge hospitals. Following his retirement from private surgical practice he entered the field of industrial medicine in Hartford, Conn. He is survived by his wife, Theodora, two sons, a daughter, and seven grandchildren.


Class of 1930

Elliot Danforth of Sidney, N.Y., died Sept. 9, 1996. A general practitioner who trained in internal medicine and surgery, Dr. Danforth, over the course of his career, invited fourth-year medical students to observe his busy general practice during their electives at the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown. He is survived by his wife, Ellen, and three sons, two of whom, Elliot Jr. and Nicholas, are M.D.s.


Class of 1934

Herbert B. Wilcox Jr.'34 Herbert B. Wilcox Jr., a longtime member of the clinical faculty in medicine and devoted alumnus of P&S, died Feb. 5, 1997. Dr. Wilcox, whose father, Herbert B. Wilcox Sr.'02, was a professor of pediatrics and director of Babies Hospital, forged his path in internal medicine, enjoying a successful career in private practice in Riverdale. During World War II, he served with the Second General Presbyterian Hospital in Europe, tending to injured troops on D-Day and subsequently treating soldiers and prisoners in France. Dr. Wilcox was active in the Alumni Association, serving as secretary, director, and class chairman. He was awarded the Silver Medal for service to the school and its alumni in 1965 and the University's Alumni Federation Medal in 1970. In 1975, following his retirement from private practice, the Riverdale Community Council voted him "Man of the Year." In 1990, Dr. Wilcox and his wife, Elizabeth (Libby), contributed a large archive of Columbia-Presbyterian photographs taken by Mrs. Wilcox of day-to-day life and medical activities over a period of several decades, beginning in 1958. An avid sailor, Dr. Wilcox was a member of the crew of the six meter yacht, "Ripples," which represented the United States in international yacht competition in Sweden in 1930. Dr. Wilcox is survived by his wife, three sons, Herbert III, Gordon, and Thomas, and five grandchildren.


Class of 1934 MSD

The alumni office has been informed of the death of retired New Jersey ophthalmologist, Arthur E. Sherman, date unknown. Surviving him is his son, Arthur Jr.


Class of 1935

Retired obstetrician George H. Kojac, a loyal and committed alumnus who established a scholarship fund in the name of his late wife, Katherine, died May 28, 1996. He is survived by his sister, Susan Ozeranic.


Class of 1941

Gilbert H. Mudge'41 Gilbert H. Mudge, an emeritus professor of medicine and pharmacology and former dean of Dartmouth Medical School, died Oct. 28, 1996. Best known for his research in kidney and electrolyte physiology, Dr. Mudge published more than 100 scientific articles in his field. He trained at Presbyterian Hospital before entering the Army and serving in active duty during World War II in the European Theater. Dr. Mudge joined the P&S faculty in 1949 and subsequently moved to Johns Hopkins, where he was named professor of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics in 1955 and added the title of associate dean in 1960. Two years later, Dartmouth Medical School named him dean. In 1967 Dr. Mudge earned the Silver Alumni Medal at P&S. He is survived by his wife, Eleanor, three sons (one of whom, Gilbert Jr.'70, is a cardiologist), a daughter, and five grandchildren.


Class of 1944

The alumni office has been informed of the death of Richard Ames, date unknown. A retired surgeon who trained at Lenox Hill and Presbyterian hospitals, Dr. Ames pursued a surgical practice in Ridgewood, N.J. Surviving him are a son, a daughter, and two grandchildren.


Class of 1945

Mark Upson Jr., a retired solo practitioner in internal medicine, died July 6, 1996, following a long illness. Dr. Upson was a past president of the medical-dental staff of Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Class of 1949

John A. Cook died Oct. 23, 1996. An investment banker turned doctor, Dr. Cook pursued a psychiatric practice, specializing in psychoanalysis. Dr. Cook, who trained at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, served on its staff and Presbyterian Hospital's staff. He served as a member of the Columbia University PresidentÕs Council in 1973. In his extra-medical life, he was a member of the board of directember of the Columbia University President's Council in 1973. In his extra-medical life, he was a member of the board of directors of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and a trustee of the Council on Law Related Studies. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, and a daughter.


Class of 1954 MSD

David M.C. Ju died Sept. 20, 1996. A native of Shanghai, China, he earned his M.D. degree from the National Shanghai Medical College and pursued advanced study toward his MSD at P&S. He trained in the plastic surgery service at Presbyterian Hospital, where he was appointed associate clinical professor of surgery. A staff member of Francis Delafield Hospital from 1958 to 1969, he served there as chief of the head and neck service. Dr. Ju, who specialized in plastic surgery with emphasis on face and neck skin lesions, soft tissue tumors, and skin cancer of the face and neck, headed a foundation devoted to research on melanoma. He is survived by his son, Dr. William Ju.


Class of 1957

Robert B. Ambrose, a former senior vice president for medical affairs at Morristown Memorial Hospital and president of the Morris County Medical Society in New Jersey, died Sept. 17, 1996. Dr. Ambrose, a retired urologist, also served as president of the American College of Physician Executives and a member of its board of directors. Surviving him is his wife, Natalie, and four daughters.


Class of 1960

The alumni office has been notified of the death in July 1996 of Kendall K. Kane. A surgical pathologist, Dr. Kane was affiliated with St. Luke's Hospital, where he trained. There are no known survivors.


Class of 1960 PSY

Word has been received of the death of retired psychiatrist Israel Zwerling, date unknown. Dr. Zwerling was a former dean of the School of Medicine of Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.


Class of 1966

Robert P. White'66 The alumni office has learned of the death of Robert P. White, date unknown. A nephrrwn. A nephrologist, Dr. White was a member of the faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia and chief of the nephrology section and medical director at St. Luke's Hospital Dialysis Center in Bethlehem, Pa. Following training at Bellevue and Harlem hospitals, he served as a major in the U.S. Army and later entered private practice. Dr. White published extensively in his field. Survivors include his wife, Catherine, a son, and two daughters.



An alumnus, Stewart A. King'47, whose death was reported in the Winter 1997 issue, was identified incorrectly as Stephen A. King.

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