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P&S Journal: Spring 1997, Vol.17, No.2
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CPMC's Office of Clinical Trials: Leading the World

 The CPMC Office of Clinical Trials has established itself as a world leader and is being replicated at the University of Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong chose the CPMC program as its model after surveying 300 programs worldwide. "Basically," says Michael Leahey, director of the Office of Clinical Trials, "they chose CPMC as the very best."

 That interest in CPMC's program has led to an ongoing relationship with the University of Hong Kong that culminated in a site visit to CPMC late last year. The group from Hong Kong met with the local clinical trials staff to put the finishing tou ches on the Hong Kong office, which is a carbon copy of CPMC's program.

 "It's exactly like our program," says Mr. Leahey, "right down to having the same policies, objectives, and advisory council design."

 The University of Hong Kong's interest in the CPMC Office of Clinical Trials not only attests to its highly regarded reputation, but also is an opportunity for growth. The two institutions have developed a relationship that has begun to grow past the initial survey. "The University of Hong Kong's clinical trials program may become a satellite enrolling center for CPMC, which is attractive to our sponsors and researchers because it gives us an entry into the immense Chinese market," he says. Hong Kong is a stepping stone to product launch sites in mainland China. "Also, they can provide a host of services, such as monitoring studies, at a price much lower than contract research organizations. This is an important link for drug companies into China and will thereby attract potential partners to Columbia."

 The forerunner of the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong College of Medicine, was established in 1887. According to Mr. Leahey, the 110-year-old institution possesses an internationally respected faculty. "They have submitted a proposal to an ind ustrial foundation in Hong Kong which, if funded, would enable members of the CPMC Clinical Trials group to visit Hong Kong and participate in joint training programs. In addition, we will eventually exchange teaching and training materials and later this year we will visit their site," he says.

 Also this year, the first world conference of offices of clinical trials will be held at the University of Hong Kong. Among the representatives from each continent will be staff members of CPMC's Office of Clinical Trials.


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