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P&S Journal: Spring 1997, Vol.17, No.2
P&S News
Farewell to a P&S Favorite

 John A. (Tony) Clohessy, who spent 37 years of Columbia University employment in the P&S mail r P&S mail rriversity employment in the P&S mail ryment in the P&S mail room, is now taking life easy after retiring in December. A favorite among P&S students past and present, Mr. Clohessy says he never forgets a face. "I remember all of them-even the ones that graduated 30 years ago," he said in an interview last fall. all. "On Monday a student who graduated in 1962 walked in here and I remembered him; he couldn't believe it!"

Tony Clohessy  Author Robin Cook and astronaut Story Musgrave, both P&S alumni, are among Mr. Clohessy's fans; they made sure to stop by the mail room to see him whenever they visited P&S. Mr. Clohessy explains his good relationship with the students matter-of-factly: "I treat them right. I'm nice to them."

 His 37-year tenure also made him a source of information. "On alumni weekends, Tony remembers all of the students," says Pat Tobiasen, administrative assistant in admissions. "He's also very informative and extremely dedicated. If you need to know anything about a building on campus, he's the one to go to."

 Mr. Clohessy, who is originally from Ireland, plans to travel during retirement, with a trip to his homeland among the destinations. After 37 years, will P&S be a hard habit for Mr. Clohessy to break? "I'm sure I'll miss it," he says.

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