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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1997, Vol.17, No.2
The Human Portrait of Breast Cancer
Who's Who in the Breast Service

Breast Imaging
Dr. Lynn Chinitz
Dr. Helen Higgins
Dr. Ellen Silverstein
Dr. Eliza Pile-Spellman
Dr. Suzanne Smith

Breast Surgery
Dr. Alison Estabrook, chief
Dr. Beth Ann Ditkoff
Dr. David Kinne
Dr. Anne Krementz
Dr. Michael Moore
Dr. Freya Schnabel

Genetics Counseling
Donna Russo

Medical Oncology
Dr. Karen Antman, chief
Dr. Thomas Garrett
Dr. Charles Hesdorffer
Dr. Martin Oster
Dr. David Savage
Dr. Amy Tiersten
Dr. Linda Vahdat

Dr. Hanina Hibshoosh

Dr. Robin Bell
Dr. Marian Ormont

Radiation Oncology
Dr. Leslie Lubich
Dr. John Rescigno

Dr. David Chiu, chief, plastic surgery
Dr. Kamel Abouzahr
Dr. Ted Chaglassian
Dr. Norman Hugo
Dr. Mark Sultan

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