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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1997, Vol.17, No.3

          By Marianne Wolff'52

Margaret McKee Anderson retired from her pediatrics practice in New York to live in Carthage, Ill., close to the homes of her two daughters.


Felix Vann retired from active practice in 1983. He "retired from retirement" in 1992, by moving from New Jersey to Durham, N.C.


Archibald G. Fletcher Jr. has retired from the practice of surgery, having spent most of his career abroad in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, and Cameroon in Africa.


Madison Thomas was recognized in full regalia as an honored alumnus as former ROTC regimental commander (1937-38). (He is pleased to announce that he can still get into the uniform he wore 60 years ago!)...Francis B. Warrick, having retired from private practice, serves as medical director at two extended care facilities.


Graham B. Blaine gave a presentation on the work of hospice at grand rounds at Mount Auburn Hospital in 1995 . . . . Robert Grayson retired as chairman of the section for seniors of the American Academy of Pediatrics . . . . Harold Mancusi-Ungaro moved to Beaumont, Texas, where he pursues his favorite leisure activities. Summers are spent in the Cayman Islands or at Cozumel; he reports on the thrill of catching a six-foot sailfish, adding that it was also very hard work . . . . James F. Jones has been leading the quiet, relatively stress-free life of retirement since 1985 . . . . Daniel Stowens claims numerous medico-legal victories, particularly in cases involving child abuse.


Philip E. Duffy, formerly professor of neuropathology at P&S, has written a book of short stories, entitled "Undertones," published by Chase Publishing. This collection joins his first book, "Moments," which was reviewed in the Winter 1995 issue of P&S . . . . Louis Lasagna was honored at Tufts University by the creation of a chair in his name in pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. (Another chair in his name was established at the University of Rochester a few years ago.)


Warren W. Francis has been practicing surgery at Rhode Island Hospital for 41 years, where he continues to operate and teach . . . . Herbert S. Peyser was elected to the board of trustees of the American Psychiatric Association. He is also a trustee for Area II of the New York State Psychiatric Association.


John McGiff is professor and chairman of pharmacology at New York Medical College in Valhalla. In March 1997, he received the Otto Krayer Award from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. The award is bestowed on a pharmacologist "whose research has significantly contributed to a better understanding of the action of drugs." Also, in the same month, he contributed a paper titled "The Big Picture: Forest and Trees; Murals and Miniatures" to the Festschrift for Sir John Vane's 70th birthday at the Royal College of Surgeons at Oxford. In May 1997, the American Society of Hypertension recognized John with the Richard Bright Award, given to acknowledge his interest in and work with hormones that contribute to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and renal disease.


John Bryant has been busy on the international front. 1997 began with lectures in Thailand--one on "Global Health in Transition: Pursuing Equity in a Changing World," another dealing with future plans of the Faculty of Public Health at Mahidol University. There also were discussions on ways Thai medical schools might respond to health care reform in Thailand. Next stop was Geneva, where Jack chaired a major conference to consider recommendations to be made to the WHO for the ethical content of the Global Health Policy. Then on to New Delhi for consideration of health policies in the Southeast Asia region for the next century. After a vacation back in the States, the Bryants returned to Karachi, Pakistan, where Jack is professor and senior adviser in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Aga Khan University . . . . Edgar M. Housepian has been named professor emeritus of clinical neurological surgery . . . . James C. Neely is anticipating publication in the Western Journal of Medicine of an account of his original experimental work showing how hypercalcemia causes gastric hypersecretion.


Richard N. Pierson, an internist whose research involves body composition, has won a five-year renewal of his NIH grant. In addition to his research and teaching, he gives workshops in places near and far, including California, Florida, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland. At the FASEB meeting in April 1997 he had 15 abstracts. Other travel involves visiting his six children and their families.


Christine Lawrence is professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of clinical hematology at Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. She received the Director's Award from the Department of Medicine and was elected to the David Society, both for outstanding teaching.


Henry A. Solomon'62 Henry A. Solomon'62
Warren D. Johnson is the B.H. Kean (P&S Class of 1937) Professor of Tropical Medicine at Cornell University Medical College and head of the Division of International Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He serves on the Advisory Council of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases and on the NIH Directors Council. In July 1996, he was appointed chairman of the infectious diseases subspecialty board of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is also one of the 27 members of the board of directors of the ABIM . . . . Henry Solomon, clinical associate professor of medicine at Cornell University Medical College and associate attending physician at New York Hospital, has been appointed one of the medical directors for the forthcoming launch of POSICOR, a new cardiovascular compound used to treat hypertension and angina, developed by Roche Laboratories. He is on the board of the American Journal of Hypertension . . . . Khosrow Nasr practices gastroenterology at the Roseville-Sutter Clinic and Hospital in Sacramento, Calif.


Richard A. Dickey was elected vice president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists in April 1997 . . . . Myron Lewis was listed among the Best Doctors in America . . . . Daniel Musher serves on a panel of the CDC that recommends therapy for STDs. He is also on the CDC's Pneumococcal Working Group.


Thomas L. Dent is chairman of surgery at Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, Pa., and professor of surgery at Temple University. Early in 1997 he was appointed president of the Association of Program Directors in Surgery. He is also president of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery.


Otolaryngologist K.J. Lee, whose conviction about the important role of religious beliefs in medical care (see Profiles in Giving) led him to establish a named fellowship fund at P&S to study just that, is secretary-treasurer of the American Academy of Otolaryngology.


Y. Omura organized a seminar and workshop on acupuncture and electro-therapeutics in clinical practice in New York City in April 1997. In August, he delivered a paper at the East-West International Conference on Pain Management in Seoul, Korea.


Carlton Boxhill is medical director of the Joslin Center for Diabetes at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center and carries on his private medical practice. He is president-elect of the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Medical Board and will succeed his classmate Richard Fried as president in June 1998 . . . . Kent Saltonstall has retired after 21 years of practice as an orthopedic surgeon. He still teaches a few days a week at University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle and also works at independent medical evaluation and medical testimony.


With offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Steven Goldsmith has practiced homeopathic medicine for several years and finds "the treatment of the whole person exhilarating and the effectiveness of homeopathy to be the most astonishing phenomenon I have ever encountered." In the fall of 1996, he taught a course on homeopathy to physicians and nurses at Boston University Medical Center . . . . A professor of clinical medicine and chairman of the Breast Cancer Committee at New York Hospital, Anne Moore has been named to chair the hematology subspecialty board of the American Board of Internal Medicine for a 10-year term. She also sits on the ABIM board of directors.


Edward Craig has just completed his term as president of the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons . . . . Dennis G. Huskins is on the board of directors of the Connecticut Medical Malpractice Insurance Company. He serves as chairman of the claims committee and is a member of the executive committee . . . . Her latest book, "Woman to Woman," published by E.P. Dutton, has won critical acclaim for Yvonne Thornton. A review in Publishers Weekly stated that not only is it filled with solid information, it also is authoritative, candid, and funny. Moreover, the book is said to be a blend of "no nonsense information and hard-nosed opinion, delivered in a respectful and intelligent professional manner."


Jonathan Newmark spent the latter half of 1996 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, serving as medical officer for the Patriot missile battalion, protecting the king's airfields. His sojourn in Riyadh immediately followed the Khobar bombing; needless to say, his activities were dominated by the security situation, which turned Jonathan into an instant mass casualty planner. In addition, he was an invited speaker at King Khalid University Hospital, "which is pretty unusual for a Jew." He is glad to be back in the United States. . . . David Wolinsky became a founding member of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology in 1993. In 1996, he was certified in nuclear cardiology.


Pamela E. Karasik produced a brother for Hannah and Sophie, in December 1996. His name is Jacob Solomon.


Michael H. Bar is director of bone marrow transplantation at Stamford Hospital, which is one of only three community hospitals in the United States to be an ECOG-designated transplant center. In 1996, Michael won the Fairfield County Medical Society Award, presented to the outstanding M.D. below age 40. . . . David Friedman was promoted to associate professor of radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital/Jefferson Medical College . . . . Alberto I. Kriger was elected to the management advisory committee of Pediatric Associates, the largest single specialty pediatrics group in the country. Alberto is a partner in the group and lives in Hollywood, Fla . . . . Margaret Brungraber Ruttenberg received an M.Sc. degree in health policy and management from Harvard in 1996. She also delivered three children, which made her realize "how it feels to be a patient."


Beatriz'84 and Eric Olson'84 and children Beatriz'84 and Eric Olson'84 and children
Kathy'94Ph.D. and Dominic Tong'84 and children Kathy'94Ph.D. and Dominic Tong'84 and children
Beatriz and Eric Olson and their two offspring have moved to Middlebury, Conn . . . . Dominic Tong completed a fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology at UCLA, while his wife, Kathy Bowdish-Tong'94Ph.D., did a postdoc in molecular biology. The family then moved to Orlando, Fla., where Dom got a position as a staff radiologist with the VA Outpatient Center. While the Tongs find Florida summers hard to take and do not appreciate hurricanes and lightning, they certainly enjoy the orange tree in their back yard. Nathaniel, a brother to 3-year-old Harrison, arrived in 1996. The Tongs plan to move to San Diego, where Dom will start a limited imaging practice with a primary care physician. Kathy (whose Ph.D. degree is in cellular, molecular, and biophysical studies at P&S) will be chief scientist at a new biotechnology company in San Diego.


Susana G. Duncan is certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has opened a private practice in New York City. She is also a voluntary attending at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Her particular interests include neck and back disorders, acute and chronic pain management, degenerative nerve disease rehabilitation, and repetitive stress and sports-related injuries.


David L. Stormberg's daughter was born in March 1995.


Jonathan David became an F.A.C.P. in December 1996 . . . . Louis J. Rubenstein started a new practice in southern Rhode Island, where he is associated with South County Hospital. Louis is married and raising two children . . . . Donna Densel Wortman and husband Kirk became the proud parents of Christopher Reed in December 1996. Donna is an ophthalmologist.


Ronald Green is completing a fellowship in pulmonary medicine/critical care at Stanford and plans to settle in the Puget Sound area in the state of Washington . . . . Earl Quinn Peeper made his New York debut as a pianist in March 1997. He has been giving solo recitals throughout Europe and the southern United States. He won the gold medal at the 26th Giornate Musicali Festival. Later this year, he will make his recording debut for Iktius Records, playing a group of Schubert sonatas.


Bryan A. Liang has been elected a fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine. As a legal adviser to the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, Bryan attended a black tie dinner for Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Bryan is assistant professor of law at Pepperdine University and has had articles published in the Antitrust Law Bulletin (on the anticompetitive effects of brand name companies' introduction of generics), the Journal of Legal Medicine (challenges to medical exclusive contracts), and the Notre Dame Law Review (deselection of physicians from managed care plans).


Dariush Mozaffarian, a resident in internal medicine at Stanford University Medical Center, had an article published in Pharos, the journal of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. The article consists of excerpts of a journal he kept while on a two-month fourth-year elective in Kenya.


In the Spring 1997 issue, Alumni News and Notes announced the arrival of Grace Ryan Phillips. She is the daughter of Micheal and Shannon Connor Phillips. Both parents are members of the Class of 1990.


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