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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1997, Vol.17, No.3
Class Reunions

Class of 1977 Class of 1977
Come spring, birds return from points south, salmon swim upstream to breed at the site of their spawning, and physicians reunite in the academic nest where they learned the fundamentals of medicine and launched their careers. P&S alumni from anniversary classes regrouped at P&S and celebrated all over town. The classes of 1927 and 1932 reunited at class tables at the Alumni Day Luncheon on May 10. The classes of 1947 and 1972 did it up Friday night at the Harmonie Club, as did the Class of 1937 the following night. The classes of 1942 and 1952 took to the Union Club; 1957 and 1967 to the Princeton Club; 1962 to the Lotos Club; 1977 to the Penn Club; 1982 to the Williams Club; and 1987 and 1992 brought it back home to the P&S Faculty Club.

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