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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1997, Vol.17, No.3
Regional Reps

Alumni regional representatives from around the country gathered in the Irving Center conference room to assess progress in their ongoing efforts to regroup and spread the word about P&S, or as one visiting alumnus put it, "to extend the fruits of medical learning from Washington Heights to Washington State." Oscar B. Garfein'65, chairman of the Alumni Regional Representatives Committee and vice president of the P&S Alumni Association, reported on the success of informal regional events in the past year in Colorado and Maine and questioned the efficacy of traditional meeting venues.

A debate was sparked when Morey Wosnitzer'56, of Short Hills, N.J., questioned the group's purpose: "Are we interested in educating people or rekindling the P&S flame in people's hearts, or both?"

Frank Rees Smith'62, a Houston-based specialist in occupational medicine and director of medical and environmental health at Exxon Chemical Co., suggested that future regional gatherings welcome nursing and public health graduates in the area as well as physicians who trained at Presbyterian Hospital. And San Francisco ophthalmologist Daniel Schainholz'87 urged a more visionary use of electronic communication to keep the far flung P&S family abreast of developments and gatherings.

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