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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1996, Vol.16, No.3
Alumni Weekend.
Class Reunions

On Friday, May 10, the Class of 1936 celebrated its 60th reunion over cocktails and dinner at the home of Alan'36 and Frances Rose. The Class of 1941 supped at the Century Club. The Class of 1951 wined and dined at the Faculty House on the downtown Columbia campus. The Class of 1961 partied at the Penn Club. The Class of 1966 celebrated its 30th reunion at the home of Sharon and Henry Spotnitz'66. The Class of 1976 dined at the P&S Faculty Club. And the Class of 1991 did things up right at O'Neals.

The following day, the Classes of 1926 and 1931 celebrated in conjunction with the Alumni Day Luncheon. The Class of 1946 marked its 50th reunion over dinner at the Harmonie Club. The Class of 1956 flocked to the Faculty House. The Class of 1981 celebrated its 15th reunion in the old Bard Hall Lounge. And the Class of 1986 partied at O'Neals.

Frank Schwerin '86 and son Hale at Class of 1986 reunion

Dean Pardes and Helen and Clyde Wu '56 at Class of 1956 reunion.

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