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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1996, Vol.16, No.3
Alumni Weekend.
Alumni Weekend: Scientific Session

Honorary Alumni Day Chairman Dr. Brian F. Hoffman
On Saturday, May 11, as per tradition, alumni reunion coordinating chairman Andrew Frantz'55 kicked off the scientific session by saluting the achievements of this year's honorary alumni day chairman, Dr. Brian F. Hoffman, the David Hosack Professor of Pharmacology and associate dean.

Alumni from selected anniversary classes delivered papers on a wide variety of topics:

Velma P. Scantlebury'81
Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Pittsburgh
"Living Donor Kidney Transplantation With Prograf (FK506)"

Edgar G. Engleman'71
Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
"Use of Antigen Pulsed Dendritic Cells in the Treatment of Cancer"

Lawrence I. Rand'71
Assistant Clinical Professor in Ophthalmology
Harvard Medical School
"The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial"

Henry M. Spotnitz'66
Professor of Surgery, P&S
"Thirty-Year Study of Diastolic Properties of the Left Ventricle"

Frederick G. Guggenheim'61
Professor and chairman, Department of Psychiatry
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
"The New Psychiatry and the Post-Industrial Revolution"

Edgar Haber'56
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
"Cellular Basis of Transplant-Associated Arteriosclerosis in Genetically Altered Mice"

William M. Manger'46
Professor of Clinical Medicine
New York University Medical Center
"Pheochromocytoma: Current Concepts of Diagnosis and Management"

Charles M. Poser'51, lecturer in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, was also scheduled to speak but fell ill and was unable to attend.

At the annual business meeting following the scientific session, Alumni Association president John Schullinger'55 announced the selection of two honorary alumni, Dr. Gerald E. Thomson, the Lambert Professor of Medicine, assistant vice president of Health

Sciences, and senior associate dean for minority affairs; and Dr. L. Joseph Butterfield, professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado.

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