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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1996, Vol.16, No.3
P&S News: Commencement 1996

Degrees were presented to 177 students in P&S commencement ceremonies May 15 (138 M.D. degrees and 39 Ph.D. degrees).

Commencement speaker was Dr. Lonnie R. Bristow, president of the American Medical Association.

P&S Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Dr. Bernard F. Erlanger, professor emeritus of microbiology, and Dr. James R. Malm, professor emeritus of surgery.

Charles W. Bohmfalk Awards were presented to Dr. Taube P. Rothman, research scientist in anatomy and cell biology (pre-clinical years), and Dr. Kenneth A. Forde, professor of clinical surgery (clinical years).

The Joseph Mather Smith Prize was presented to Dr. Shu Chien, director of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Awards in basic sciences were given to Dr. Amy B. MacDermott, assistant professor of physiology and cellular biophysics, and Dr. Gregg G. Gundersen, assistant professor of anatomy and cell biology and of pathology. Dr. Christian W. Schindler, assistant professor of medicine and of physiology and cellular biophysics, received the Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award in clinical sciences.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award was presented to Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, associate clinical professor of medicine.

The Class of 1996 Distinguished Teacher Award was given to Dr. Herbert S. Chase Jr., associate professor of clinical medicine.

Commencement Prizes and Awards

Dr. Harry S. Altman Award (outstanding achievement in pediatric ambulatory care)
Elizabeth Anne Stephenson

Alumni Association Award (outstanding service to P&S)
Sean Michael Steven Bidic
Candice Marianne Moy
Carl R. St. Remy

Virginia P. Apgar Awards (excellence in anesthesiology and intensive care)
Lucy J. Kim
Martin Allen Kubeja

Michael H. Aranow Memorial Prize (best exemplifying the caring and humane qualities of the practicing physician)
Deborah Michelle Gurner

Herbert J. Bartelstone Award (exceptional accomplishments in pharmacology)
Peter F. Clardy

Alvin Behrens Memorial Fund Award (outstanding graduate entering ophthalmology)
Pamela Pei-Yee Cheung

Robert G. Bertsch Prize (emulating Dr. Bertsch's ideals of the humane surgeon)
James Thomas Moore

Coakley Memorial Prize (outstanding achievement in otolaryngology)
Raj Tandon

Titus Munson Coan Prize (best essay in biological sciences)
Joel Keith Erickson

Thomas F. Cock Prize (excellence in obstetrics and gynecology)
William Melchoir Burke

Rosamond Kane Cummins'52 Award (graduate entering orthopedics with academic excellence, sensitivity, kindness, devotion to patients, and the fine human qualities she exemplified)
Charlotte Shum

Dean's Award for Excellence in Research in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at P&S
Judy P. Masucci
Stephen Hing-Lam Tsang

Gate Pharmaceuticals' Award (excellence in obstetrics and gynecology)
Janet Mee-Kyung Choi

Frederick P. Gay Memorial Award (achievement in microbiology)
Elizabeth Maria Colston

Louis Gibofsky Memorial Prize (research in nephrology, immunology, or transplant immunobiology)
Joshua Lawrence Dunaief

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award (demonstrated compassion, scientific excellence, devoted patient care, and a humanist role model)
Susan D. Swick

Dr. Charles F. Hamilton Award (excellence in pulmonary disease)
Lisa Sibert

Janeway Prize (the highest achievement and abilities in the graduating class)
Lisa Sibert

Albert B. Knapp Scholarship (awarded at the conclusion of the third year to the medical student with highest scholarship in first three years)
Lisa Sibert

Dr. Harold Lamport Biomedical Research Prize (excellence in research)
Leslie Fan Hao

John K. Lattimer Prize in Urology (outstanding essay in urology)
Stephanie Ann Chamberlain

Barbara Liskin Memorial Award in Psychiatry (empathy, scholarship, and excellence exhibited by Barbara Liskin)
Susan D. Swick

Robert F. Loeb Award (excellence in clinical medicine)
Douglas Glenn Brust

F. Lowenfish Prize in Dermatology (creative research in dermatology)
Robyn Fannie Squeo

Admiral David Willard Lyon Award (outstanding academic achievement by a student serving in the U.S. armed forces)
Aysha L. Corbett

Dr. Cecil G. Marquez, B.A.L.S.O. Student Award (outstanding contribution to the Black and Latin Student Organization and the minority community)
Deborah Gurner

Edith and Denton McKane Memorial Award (outstanding research in ophthalmology)
Joshua Lawrence Dunaief

Medical Society of the State of New York Award (outstanding community service)
Carlos Jose Rodriguez

Dr. Harold Lee Meierhof Memorial Prize (outstanding achievement in pathology)
Peter F. Clardy

Drs. William Nastuk, Beatrice Seegal, and Conrad Hsu Award (demonstrated successful laboratory collaboration between student and faculty)
Elizabeth Maria Colston

Marie Nercessian Memorial Award (exhibiting care, unusual concern, and dedication to helping sick people)
Carl R. St. Remy

New York Orthopedic Hospital Award (outstanding performance in research and clinical work)
Ira Manning Parsons

Joseph Garrison Parker Award (exemplifying, through activities in art, music, literature, and the public interest, that living and learning go together)
Julie Lin
June Kar-Ming Wu

Pharmacia & Upjohn Achievement Award (excellence in research)
Jonathan L. Hecht

Samuel W. Rover and Lewis Rover Awards (for outstanding achievement) in: Anatomy and Cell Biology-
Lisa Sibert

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics-
Lisa Sibert

Genetics and Development-
Joshua Tom Dubnau

Physiology and Cellular Biophysics-
Thomas N. Robinson

Rebecca A. Schwartz Memorial Prize (achievement in pediatric cardiology)
Elizabeth Anne Stephenson

Helen M. Sciarra Prize in Neurology (outstanding achievement in neurology)
Ogan Gurel

Aura E. Severinghaus Scholar (superior academic achievement)
Aysha L. Corbett

Miriam Berkman Spotnitz Award (excellence in research of neoplastic diseases)
Kwok-Kin Wong

William Perry Watson Prize in Pediatrics (excellence in pediatrics)
Rachel Pardes Berger

Dr. William Raynor Watson Memorial Award (excellence in psychiatry throughout four years of medical school)
Paul A. Rosenfield

Dr. Allen O. Whipple Memorial Prize (outstanding performance in surgery)
Lucy J. Kim

Sigmund L. Wilens Prize (excellence in pathology)
Jonathan L. Hecht

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