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P&S Journal: Winter 1996, Vol.16, No.1
Alumni News
Alumni News and Notes


Saul Jarcho's book, "Quinine's Predecessor: Francesco Torti and the Early History of Cinchona," earned him the Urdang Medal of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy.

Saul Jarcho'30


John Born, after living on the East Side of New York City for 25 years, has settled on the east coast of Florida, in a life care community at Delray Beach....Simon Duckman, having retired from private practice in 1987, supervises OB/GYN residents in the clinic at Brooklyn Hospital Center....Aaron Nisenson, formerly clinical professor of pediatrics at UCLA School of Medicine, is now a consultant for the California Department of Health Services....Edmund Rumble tells of his travels: In 1993 he visited New Zealand and Australia. Fifty years previously he had been to Australia after he was rescued when his ship was sunk in World War II. In 1994 he was in Greece and the Middle East. Travel plans for 1995 include Manila, Port Said, Istanbul, Naples, and Southampton. He sends his best wishes to all his illustrious and fondly remembered classmates....Sylvia Weiner enjoyed her tour through the updated version of P&S. She underwent shoulder surgery, performed by Evan L. Flatow'81, and is gradually feeling the benefits of her surgery.


Following retirement from his practice, William Norton is volunteering at a hospice in Branford, Conn....Helen Wallace writes that her 13th and 14th textbooks, concerning maternal and child health, are nearing completion. In addition, she has recently completed two fellowships studying infant mortality in Japan. One of the fellowships was sponsored by the NIH, the other by the Japanese government.


John Lattimer was honored in 1995 by the French government for his part in the liberation of Paris 50 years ago. Dr. Lattimer cared for wounded soldiers at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944....Julius "Bud" Prince contributed a chapter based on the years he spent in Ghana, 1969-77, to "Sustainable Development in Third World Countries: Applied and Theoretical Perspectives," due in November 1995....Philip Roen was elected to "Who's Who in America."

John Lattimer'38 receiving tmedal commemorating the Allied liberation of Paris from French President Jaques Chirac (then Mayor of Paris).


Harold Bergen is working at the Women's Health Center in Yakima, Wash., and is involved in a public forum program dealing with osteoporosis and the possibility of hormone replacement therapy. He wonders if someone at P&S might be interested. (John B. and Ethel S.: This call is for you!) He gets his exercise doing orchard farming and going on fishing trips....Thomas Cone Jr. retired from the Boston Children's Hospital and now teaches courses on medical humanities; the most recent of these was titled "The Sickroom in Victorian Fiction: The Art of Being Ill."...Zachary Friedenberg is acting administrative chief of orthopedic surgery at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. He also co-chairs the committee on orthopedic resident education at the University of Pennsylvania. He still has an office practice at the University of Pennsylvania/Presbyterian Medical Center. In his free time he is writing a book, "The

Colonial Doctor in America."... Neil Lebhar has moved to a new home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., and is enjoying his new relaxed lifestyle after 43 years of active practice....Henry Mayer is still practicing full time. He is on the clinical teaching staff at Stanford University but also works out of Sequoia Hospital, which he helped build in 1951. He is starting a new primary care group at Sequoia, and this venture gives him great satisfaction.... Hamilton "Ham" Webb is involved in various volunteer activities in Fort Myers, Fla. These include the American Heart Association, the Lee County Human Services Funding Committee, the Chapin Food Bank, and the local community association.


Donald Davis is enjoying his retirement, particularly for all the time available for reading. He is also able to devote time to travel....Robert Erler is enjoying his retirement. For his volunteer activity he finds himself at the local hospital, in the role of mail courier!


Stuart Eisenberg is a professor of radiology at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He still practices and teaches three days a week, in a very busy level I trauma center....Murray Urie retired from the practice of psychiatry in 1977. He remarried in 1990, has four children, and now lives in Ventura, Calif....Philip Wiedel continues active practice in a consulting capacity, dealing mainly with breast disease. Weekends are

spent in Connecticut, where he is involved with a land trust.


St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center honored W. Graham Knox with the 1995 Distinguished Physician Award....Ross Kory moved to Williamsburg, Va., and finds his new environment delightful. He volunteers at a free medical clinic in the Williamsburg area. The Korys also participate in programs at the College of William and Mary. They have seven grandchildren to their credit....Elizabeth Stearns is officially retired and still involved with the Spoulding Youth Center in Tilton, N.H. The family moved to their own home in a retirement community in Laconia, which happens to be adjacent to Dr. Stearns' favorite golf course!


Jerome Beloff is working part time as a consultant/surveyor for the JCAHO and is also active on a number of local community boards....Thomas Chalmers was conducting tertiary research, doing meta-analyses, but became discouraged about the difficulties raising research grant money, so he started his own for-profit company, MetaWorks Inc.; he now finds himself with more test orders than ever!....Frederic Moore II is still practicing pediatrics, though he has cut back to three days a week.


In 1992, Mack Clayton co-edited a book, "Surgery for Rheumatoid Arthritis," with C. Smyth. In June 1995 Dr. Clayton became an honorary member of the European Rheumatoid Arthritis Surgical Society....Albert Stunkard is emeritus professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. Recently he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Eating Disorders. He has more than 300 publications, based on his research on the genetic, psychological, and social determinants of obesity. He also aided in the development of behavioral therapy for anorexia nervosa as well as for obesity. Dr. Stunkard has been on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania since 1957.


Joseph Caltabiano continues in the role of director of continuing education at Englewood Hospital in New Jersey....James Mason attends college courses regularly, in order to stay young. He also serves as docent in three museums....Morton Maxwell received a special Lasker Award for his work in hypertension. He has authored more than 300 published articles and edited two textbooks. He is director of hypertension and of the University Obesity Center at UCLA.


William Abel holds the title of emeritus clinical professor of surgery at SUNY, Stony Brook....Charles Yergan retired from his practice in internal medicine. He served for 18 years as director of intensive care at Harlem Hospital and is professor of medicine at P&S.


M. Robert Gardner recently had his book, "On Trying to Teach," published. It concerns the trials and tribulations of teaching.... In 1983, Melvin Grumbach was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. This year, he was elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences and elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences....Edward Sweeny recently retired from his post as physician-in-chief at Kaiser-Permanente. During his tenure he directed the construction and staffing of a 208-bed, 120-physician medical center in Redwood City, Calif.


Anne Davis received the Life and Breath Award from the American Lung Association of New York for her volunteer leadership and demonstrated commitment to improving lung health....Ira Gabrielson is executive director of the physician assistant program run by Springfield College together with Baystate Health Systems in Springfield, Mass. ...John Wood is emeritus clinical associate professor at New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry at Rutgers University and emeritus chief of the cardiovascular section at Mercer Medical Center in Trenton, N.J.


Stephen Firestein completed a five-year term as treasurer of the American Psychoanalytic Association only to be elected treasurer of the International Psychoanalytical Association. ...For the term 1994-96, John McGiff is chairing the cardiovascular/renal study section of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH....George Nicklin teaches medical students and psychiatric residents part time at NYU. He is still actively practicing psychiatry. Two of his four children are physicians. He has 11 grandchildren and three foster grandchildren....Julian Orleans is still practicing solo office pediatrics after 41 years. He recently completed a transcontinental bicycle trip, from Seattle, Wash., to New Jersey. He also did some hiking in the Canadian Rockies as well as in the Grand Canyon.


In April of 1995, John Ultmann conducted two lymphoma symposia, one in Chicago, the other in Switzerland. These were attended by more than 100 of Dr. Ultmann's collaborators, former and current fellows, to celebrate his 70th birthday. The subject was "A Hodgkin's Disease Overview."


Rudolph Klare has just completed 40 years of practice in Connecticut. He currently serves as president of the Woodstock Medical Group. He credits the late Charles Flood'28 for having been his mentor and professional adviser....Roscoe Stuber retired from his practice in general surgery and as medical director of the local hospice in Howell, Mich., and now works part time as community liaison at McPherson Hospital.


John Leddy has completed 25 years as chief of the division of clinical immunology/rheumatology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine but is looking forward to becoming emeritus professor in 1996. He will continue to teach, do clinical consults, and direct the clinical immunology diagnostic laboratory.... Robert Osnos has been chief of psychiatry for five years at Coler Memorial Hospital, where he was recently elected president of the medical staff.


Armed with a master's degree in public administration, Gordon Brown became medical adviser of QA and QI at Community General Hospital in Reading, Pa....Susan Kessler has been traveling extensively in central and eastern Europe as UNICEF's senior adviser, to assist countries undergoing economic, political, and social transition deal with the extensive health problems confronting the women and children of these societies....Ralph Wharton is professor of psychiatry at P&S and attending psychiatrist at CPMC. His hobby is archeology, which is why he joined a team from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., during the past two summers for digs in the Black Sea region. They discovered various artifacts that indicated how the ancient Jews were freedom-loving, gave freedom to Greek slaves, and were generally integrated into the community of that period, circa 2,000 years ago.


Alfred Moscarella has become a professional ski instructor at Taos Ski Valley in Taos, N.M.


Walter Franck has been chief of medicine since 1980 at Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, N.Y., where he has been appointed chief of medical education....William Hicks continues his practice of psychiatry/ psychoanalysis but has changed his venue from Chicago to Phoenix. He also teaches at the new Arizona Psychoanalytic Training Facility.


In addition to his busy and challenging medical practice, Joel Kraut is president of the medical staff at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.


Norma Braun became president of the New York State Thoracic Society, the medical arm of the American Lung Association. Her article on the pulmonary effects of dystonia was published in Chest in May 1995. You can find her name listed in "Who's Who in the World."... Barbara Jo Chaffee retired from full-time practice in pathology and plans to work part time, once the family moves to New Hampshire....Richard Dickey was elected national secretary of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and editor of its newsletter, The First Messenger. He also chairs the association's socioeconomic and government affairs program.... Lawrence Krakoff was elected to the presidency of the American Society of Hypertension, an organization he helped found with John Laragh, M.D.


David Forrest is president of the American College of Psycho-analysis and vice president of the New York Clinical Society. ... Richard Lipton is in private practice and serves part time as chief of the hemophilia center at Long Island Jewish Hospital. He obtained an M.P.H. at Columbia's School of Public Health over the course of three and a half years, during which he frequently wandered around his old stamping grounds at P&S.


Michael Glenn has been practicing psychiatry in Cambridge, Mass., for the past eight years. In 1993 he co-authored a book titled "Couples: Exploring and Understanding the Cycles of Intimate Relationships." In the spring of 1996 he expects his novel about a family practitioner to appear....James Mooney is an assistant clinical professor of urology at the University of California at Davis. He practices urology full time in Oakland. He is chairman of the California Urologic Association's fiscal intermediaries committee, which deals with Medicare, HMO, and insurance company payments to urologists. Dr. Mooney's avocation is growing premium wine grapes in Napa Valley. The Mooneys have three children, two teen-agers and a pre-teen, which is a challenge for the parents' survival....Michael Shulman is medical director at SangStat Medical Corp. in Menlo Park, Calif. He is directing the development of a storage solution for hypothermic preservation and transportation of hearts destined for transplantation, in hopes of making more hearts available, reducing the incidence of complications, and generally improving the outcome of cardiac transplantation. In addition, Dr. Shulman and his group are investigating the application of the same storage solution for lungs and abdominal organs for transplantation.


James Elting, a member of Otsego Orthopedics, has joined the orthopedic division of Bassett Healthcare. At Bassett he will be involved in teaching medical students, residents, and therapists and will also have an opportunity to pursue clinical and basic research....Frank Giargiana Jr. gave didactic presentations on biopsy techniques in the diagnosis of pulmonary and mediastinal lesions in Italy in June 1994 and in Spain in October 1995.


Trevor Price has been named chairman of psychiatry of the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. He will retain his posts as professor of psychiatry and medicine, chairman of psychiatry at Allegheny General Hospital and the university's Allegheny campus in Pittsburgh, and director of the Allegheny Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Price was listed in "The Best Doctors in America" as a neuropsychiatrist on two occasions and received the President's Award for Exceptional Achievement from the Allegheny Education and Research Foundation in 1994. He serves on the editorial board of three journals and is an editorial reviewer/referee for 12 journals.

Trevor Price'69


Ronald Fauer is serving his second year as chief of staff of the Broward General Medical Clinic in Fort Lauderdale.


Frank Iacobellis appeared on NBC's "Today" show in June 1995, discussing streptococcal skin infections. He has been appointed co-chairman of the Volunteer Cornell Dermatology Association. ... Kenneth Jordan authored a review article on "Continuous EEG and Evoked Potential Monitoring in the Neuroscience ICU," published in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology in 1993. He was guest editor of Neurologic Clinics on "Neurologic Critical Care" in August 1995. For the past seven years he has chaired the course "Case Studies in Critical Care and Emergency Neurology" at the American Academy of Neurology. He was an invited speaker at the international meeting on neurophysiologic monitoring in the ICU. In addition, Dr. Jordan patented an improved method for neurophysiologic monitoring and made original contributions in the use of electroencephalography in the emergency room for early management of status epilepticus. ... Robert Meny is president-elect of the American Association of SIDS Prevention Physicians. ... Richard and Sue Ratzan are both on the faculty of the University of Connecticut Health Center. He is chairman of the Connecticut Medical Examining Board. In 1994, she received the Woman of the Year Award from the Connecticut chapter of JDF....Benjamin White is serving his second year as president of the Massachusetts Society of Internal Medicine. He also serves on the interspecialty presidents' committee of the Massachusetts Medical Society.


Bruce Sutton is senior editor of the "Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology," due to be published by Basic Books in April 1996.


Lucian DeNicola was elected to the board of regents of the American College of Critical Care Medicine and included in the international "Who's Who of Professionals." He has four book chapters, five original publications, five abstracts, and three national presentations, all on various aspects of critical care, to his credit....John Herbert, director of anesthesiology and of operating room services at Harlem Hospital Center in New York, was awarded membership in the American College of Physician Executives, the nation's only educational and professional organization for physicians in medical management. He is also a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the National Medical Association. He and his wife, Sandra, have two children, ages 20 and 19....Samuel Pepkowitz is associate medical director of transfusion medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He recently completed eight years as head of the pathology residency program and is president-elect of the American Society for Apheresis....Edward Tabor authored or co-authored three articles in "Classic Papers in Viral Hepatitis," edited by Lee & Thomas.


Ronald Podell has been practicing psychiatry in Los Angeles for 16 years, specializing in mood disorders and sexual dysfunction. He has been assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA since 1979. His book, "Contagious Emotions: Staying Well When Your Loved One is Depressed," first published in 1992, is available in hardcover or as a Pocket Book paperback. Dr. Podell recently started a new clinic, the Center for Bio-Behavioral Psychiatry, which specializes in state-of-the-art psychopharmacologic and psychological treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. Westridge Psychiatric Medical Group Inc., in which he is also involved, specializes in the care of the elderly. The Podells have two sons, ages 14 and 9. Dr. Podell regrets not having obtained an M.B.A. along with his M.D. degree.


Jay Galst received the Honor Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology for 1995. Since 1994 he has been a full attending surgeon at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary.


Julian Allen was promoted to professor of pediatrics at Temple University School of Medicine effective July 1995. He is chief of the pediatric pulmonary division at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. ....Reginald Manning assumed the position of chairman of orthopedic surgery at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn in July 1995.


Mary Becker became chairwoman of anesthesiology at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, N.Y., in January 1995; this position has a term of five years.... Christine Hradesky is on the attending staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. She holds the title of assistant clinical professor at UCLA and is also on the faculty of the Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute, where she is co-director of the psychoanalytic study center on creativity and the performing arts. She recently became certified as a psychoanalyst by the American Psychoanalytic Association. Dr. Hradesky and her husband, Joseph Dadourian, M.D., have a 6-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter.


Paulette Bernd is an associate professor in anatomy and cell biology at Mount Sinai Medical School, working on the role of neurotrophins during development. She is the course director for gross anatomy. She is now on sabbatical leave, working with Dr. Claudio Stern in the Department of Genetics and Development at P&S....Richard Hotes is associate clinical professor of anesthesiology at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington. Since July 1995 he has been chairman of anesthesiology at New Britain General Hospital....David Orentreich is associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical School, where he works in the dermatology clinic. He also has a private dermatology practice....Deborah Rund is senior lecturer at Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School and is also senior lecturer at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. She is engaged in full-time academic hematology. She has received research grants from the Israel Cancer Association, the Israel Ministry of Health, the Israel Ministry of Arts and Sciences, and the Israel Cancer Research Fund. In 1990 she was awarded the Hadassah Faculty Prize for her outstanding research paper.


Chris Freyberg has been elected to fellowship in the American College of Physicians. Dr. Freyberg was appointed assistant professor of emergency medicine at New York Medical College. ... Kenneth Zahl helped to open the Ridgedale Surgery Center in Morris County, N.J. He specializes in outpatient anesthesia and pain management. He is assistant professor of anesthesiology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, N.J.


Paul Gliedman is director of radiation oncology at Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack, N.J. He resides in Manhattan with his wife and three children, ranging in age from 3 to 10 years. ... Michael Mandel is director of pulmonary and critical care medicine and of the sleep laboratory at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He is also the proud father of three daughters. ... Richard Pierson III is assistant professor of surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. He has become director of heart and lung transplantation, filling the vacancy created by Dr. Bill Frist when he was elected to the U.S. Senate.


Katherine Sheffield held a number of locum tenens positions across the country, most recently working for Kaiser-Permanente in Northampton, Mass. She is now in the process of setting up a private practice in internal medicine, with another local physician in Northampton....Joel Weinthal moved to Dallas to join Texas Oncology, the largest oncology group in the United States. He will be initiating the pediatric hematology/oncology program, as well as a stem cell transplant program, with two other pediatricians....Scott Shikora, having recently finished his obligation to the U.S. Air Force, is assistant professor of surgery at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. He is director of nutrition support services, director of the surgical ICU, and assistant chief of surgery at Faulkner Hospital in Boston. The Shikoras have two children, ages 5 and 3.


Lawrence Bass was elected to the board of directors of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery....James Boulier, an instructor at Johns Hopkins University, is director of cardiac anesthesiology at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore....Christopher Rapuano has been promoted to associate professor at Jefferson Medical College. He also became a full partner in his private corneal surgery practice at Wills Eye Hospital. The Rapuanos welcomed their third son in January 1995.


Laura Forese completed the executive M.P.A. in health policy and administration at Columbia. She is chief of surgery at Helen Hayes Hospital and assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at P&S.


Frank Arnal is the medical director of respiratory care at the WCA Hospital in Jamestown, N.Y., and has a private practice in pulmonary medicine....Edward Athanasian completed a fellowship in hand and microvascular surgery at the Mayo Clinic, followed by a fellowship in orthopedic oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He is now on the staff of the Hospital for Special Surgery and Memorial Sloan-Kettering, practicing both hand surgery and orthopedic oncology....Charles "Tripp" Gordon is a partner with Warren Anesthesiologists, P.C., in Glens Falls, N.Y. He recently opened a pain management program at Glens Falls Hospital ....Mark Siegel is an instructor in the pulmonary and critical care section at Yale University School of Medicine. He also serves as associate director of the medical intensive care unit at Yale-New Haven Hospital....Susan Zimet was formerly chief of medicine at the Aspen Valley Hospital in Colorado. Now she is physician to the Aspen Music Festival and has a private practice. The Zimets have two sons.


Marjorie Gies is the medical director of an eating disorder program at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif. She is also a candidate at the Institute for Contem-

porary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles. These activities are in addition to a full-time practice of psychiatry....Andrew Infosino is taking a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and enjoying it.


Angela Gadsby is working in a large pediatric practice in Maryland and loving it. Her personal pediatric practice consists of two sons....Robert Hecht is in private OB/GYN practice with two other physicians in Pomona, N.Y. He has moved to New City, N.Y., with his wife and young daughter.


James Campbell is in Guam with his wife and son Thomas. But for the heat, he is enjoying Guam but misses everyone at P&S....Polly Kanganis is an associate of the Bronxville Obstetrical and Gynecologic Group and loves it....Diana LaPlace completed her residency in anesthesiology at the University of California at Irvine and has accepted the position of clinical instructor at the medical college....Kay Park is doing an ophthalmology fellowship in uveitis/cornea/AIDS at USC at the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles.


Elizabeth "Zizzy" Zenowich Bucchieri is working with a pediatric practice in Teaneck, N.J. Her husband, John, is a resident in orthopedic surgery at Columbia. The Bucchieris live in New York City....Classmates Lisa Sotir and Brian McGovern have finished residencies in emergency medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Dr. Sotir moved to Boston in June 1995. Dr. McGovern headed for Connecticut....Davoren Chick is an instructor of medicine at Harvard and has joined the Massachusetts General Medical Group. He enjoys teaching and practicing in Boston....Emil Chynn had a letter to the editor of The New York Times published about the hazards of cigarette smoking. This led to an invitation to serve on the scientific board of the American Council on Science and Health....Scott Proestel completed his residency in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins and will be practicing in Annapolis, Md. He promises a guided tour to any P&S alumnus passing through the area.


Beth Deacon married Tim Nodurft in April 1995. Their new family name is Rockcress. ... Steven Park is continuing his residency in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

... Janet Dickerman Pearl was elected to chair the resident component of the Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiology. She also was sent as a delegate, representing Massachusetts, to the AMA-RPS interim meeting in Chicago in June 1995.


Jonathan Baker completed his internship at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego and headed for flight school in Florida, to be followed by a tour of duty as a U.S. naval flight surgeon. ... Jonathan Rosand is continuing training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in a joint medicine and neurology program.

In Search of Alumni

Since graduating, you may have tried to get in touch with an old school friend only to find that the last address or phone number you had in your telephone directory was outdated! Well, your troubles are over. Soon an impressive directory of our alumni will be available to help you locate all your old friends.

The new College of Physicians and Surgeons Alumni Directory, scheduled for release in December 1996, will be the most up-to-date and complete reference of our alumni ever compiled. This comprehensive volume will include current name as well as name when a student (if applicable), class year(s) and degree(s), address and phone number plus business information and more-all bound into a classic, library-quality volume.

The P&S Alumni Office has contracted the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company to produce our directory and they will soon begin researching and compiling data for it by mailing a questionnaire to each alumnus and alumna. This directory will only be available to alumni (M.D. and Ph.D. degrees) of P&S. If you prefer not to be listed, please contact the Alumni Office in writing as soon as possible.

The new P&S Alumni Directory will soon make finding an alum as easy as opening a book. Look for more details on the project in future issues of this magazine.

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