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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1996, Vol.16, No.1
Alumni News
Association Activities:

Regional Program

Mixing medicine and merriment, alumni and friends gathered for dinner in the Home Port Inn in Lubec, Maine, on Aug. 22. The dinner, hosted by P&S Alumni Association President John Schullinger'55 and Anke Nolting, drew a motley turnout of vacationing and retired doctors, spouses, and friends. Dean Herbert Pardes was on hand to address the gathering and bring alumni up to date on the latest news from Washington Heights.

The Alumni Association hosted a cocktail reception for alumni at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans Oct. 24 in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons.

Alumni Council

Guest speaker Dr. Arnold P. Gold, professor of clinical neurology and of clinical pediatrics, stirred and enlightened alumni at the council dinner on June 21. In his talk, titled "Childhood Epilepsy: Triumph of Clinical Care Technology," Dr. Gold told the uplifting success story of a young patient with intractable epilepsy. At 20 days of age she suffered from right focal seizures. The prognosis included encephalopathy and a 90 percent risk of learning disability. At age 2, following moderately successful treatment with ACTH, the child again suffered seizures. At age 3, the seizures increased in frequency up to 100 a day. She stopped speaking and began to have problems chewing. Following a clinical examination, Dr. Gold recommended a PET scan, the first ever performed on a child. Based on the scan, functional neurosurgery was undertaken and the patient became seizure-free. Outgoing Alumni President Abbie Knowlton'42 passed the gavel to her successor, John Schullinger'55.

At the Sept. 12 council dinner, Woodson Merrell'76, associate in clinical medicine and course director of the second year course in alternative medicine, gave the sometimes skeptical alumni in attendance a glimpse at some of the principles of his practice and teaching. Dr. Merrell, whose talk was titled "Alternative Medicine and Complementary Medicine, the Brave New World," began by debunking the very term "alternative medicine." "What we're really talking about is complementary medicine," he insisted. In his own conventional internal medical practice, Dr. Merrell explained, he weaves together the best of the conventional and other medicines, including acupuncture. Currently some 40 medical schools in the country have courses exploring the field. The goal, according to Dr. Merrell, is to sift through available data and findings concerning the various "alternative" therapies to describe what is harmful, describe what is useless or lacking in credibility, and decide which complementary methods might actually be efficacious, based on scientific knowledge. His second year course is given in conjunction with the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine at P&S.

Woodson Merrell '76

New Students Welcomed

Alumni Association President John Schullinger'55 hosted the traditional wine and cheese reception for incoming students and house staff Sept. 13 at the Faculty Club.

Nathalie Dillont'39 and Christine Taylor'97

P&S Alive with the Sound of Music

Students, residents, staff, and faculty members of the Bard Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Frank David, regaled an overflow crowd with Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 Sept. 10 at the Alumni Auditorium. The concert, the first musical event of the fall season, was produced by Mr. David, an M.D.-Ph.D. trainee, and Julie Lin'96 and co-sponsored by the P&S Musicians' Guild and the Alumni Association. A reception followed. The Guild is the umbrella organization for musical activities at the Health Sciences.

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