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P&S Journal: Winter 1996, Vol.16, No.1
P&S News:
P&S Club Turns 100

If it weren't for an idle late-night hour spent in the archives, says P&S Club President Sean Bidic'96, the centennial mark of the student organization might have passed unremarked.

"I had just finished writing the introductory letter for this year's student handbook," he remembers. "In browsing through the old handbooks, I'd noticed that there were a lot of references to the fact that the club was 'almost' a hundred years old. I had to wonder-when was the hundredth anniversary? After doing a little math, I discovered that it's this year."

As the official student activities organization of P&S, the P&S Club serves as an axis around which the students' extracurricular lives revolve. The Aikido Club, the Bard Hall Players (see related article in this issue), the Rugby Football Club, the Organization for Humanistic Medicine, the Columbia Neurosciences Society, and many others operate under P&S Club auspices.

Founded by Nobel Peace laureate John Mott, the club currently sponsors more than 30 major extracurricular activities that represent nearly every interest thinkable, including music, film, athletics, student advocacy, community service, even wine tasting.

"It's important to provide students with opportunities to get involved, especially in their first year," says Leslie McHale, P&S Club administrator.

Dr. Donald Tapley, senior deputy vice president for Health Sciences, calls the P&S Club "the best organization for medical students in the country. It's quite unlike any other in providing a central core to the lives of the students."

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the P&S Club plans several events throughout the year, some to coincide with Parents Weekend, Alumni Weekend, and other campus-wide occasions. Through these events-part of a major fund drive to increase the club's endowment-the P&S Club hopes to become self-sufficient someday.

The P&S Club receives funding from parents and faculty, the P&S Alumni Association, the Koerber Endowment, and the Severinghaus Fund.

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