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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1995, Vol.15, No.3
Alumni News and Notes
Other Alumni News

Women's Resource Center Symposium
Dr. Clarita Herrera, president of the Women's Medical Association of New York City, was the keynote speaker at the Women's Resource Center's second annual spring symposium in April. The program included seminars and career development workshops on such areas as medical economics, parenthood, and career planning.
Career Forum

Career Forum 95

Alumni from a variety of fields who graduated in the past three decades presented a panoply of viewpoints and "real life" advice to current students in April's Career Forum 95. Speakers represented the fields of anesthesiology, family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, OB/GYN, orthopedic surgery, and pediatrics. Speakers were frank about their feelings, frustrations, fears, and satisfactions. Issues addressed included why they chose their field, what they like and don't like about their work, the number of hours worked, and the effect of their practices on their private lives.
Parents' Day Program

Dr. Herb Chase with participants at the Parents' Day Program 95
P&S husbands, wives, parents, and grandparents flocked to town for an extended P&S family gathering, the third annual Parents' Day Program in April. The program, hosted by Parents' Day chairman Carmen Ortiz-Neu'63, associate clinical professor of medicine, and coordinated by Alumni Affairs director Katherine Couchells, presented a rounded portrait of life at P&S from the student, faculty, and administrative perspectives. Dean Herbert Pardes delivered welcoming remarks and passed the microphone to Dr. Linda Lewis, associate dean of student affairs; Ellen Spilker, director of student financial planning; and Andrew Frantz'55, chairman of the admissions committee. Course directors and division chiefs from various fields gave an insider's view of the course curriculum. And students from all four classes completed the picture. Alumni Association president Abbie Knowlton'42 spoke at a luncheon following the presentations. Members of the P&S Musicians' Guild provided entertainment.
Musical Mondays at P&S

Monday concert series
Diagnosis got you down? Need a break from microbiology? Get a Handel on life! Lighten up with Haydn! You're never too busy for Bizet! On six Monday spring afternoons, from March 20 to April 24, student, resident, and faculty members of the P&S Musicians' Guild traded their white coats, stethoscopes, and beepers for black tie, brass, woodwind, and strings. In a longstanding P&S tradition, medical men and women turned to classical chamber music for a refreshing respite from OR and ER tensions and worries. The free concert series held in the P&S Faculty Club was co-sponsored by the Alumni Association. A prix fixe dinner followed each performance. The P&S Musicians' Guild, a division of the P&S Club, is the umbrella organization for musical activities at Columbia's Health Sciences campus. The guild welcomes the support of alumni and friends.

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