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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1995, Vol.15, No.3
Alumni News and Notes
Class Reunions

Anniversary class celebrants and their spouses and guests painted the town on Saturday, up and down, east and west. The Class of 1945 cast anchor to mark its 50th reunion, dancing and dining into the night aboard the Spirit of New York. The classes of 1950 and 1975 both opted for intimate occasions, the former chez Dr. and Mrs. Carl Feind'50, the latter at the home of Ellise Delphin'75 and Eric Rose'75. The Class of 1955 held its 40th reunion festivity at the Union Club. The classes of 1960 and 1980 held parallel parties at Faculty House on the downtown Columbia campus. The Class of 1965 preferred the nostalgic locale of their former library (now the P&S Faculty Club). The Class of 1970 partied at the Penn Club. And the Class of 1990 celebrated its fifth reunion at O'Neal's The Ginger Man.

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