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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1995, Vol.15, No.3
Alumni News and Notes
Gala Dinner Dance

Medal winners Karen L. Moody'95 (left) and Susan V. Bukata'95 Medal winner Michael D. Iseman'65 with Suzanne Oparil'65

On Friday evening, anniversary class celebrants and their spouses, graduating students, faculty, and friends donned black tie and gowns for a big bash at Bridgewaters, an elegant restaurant located at the historic South Street Seaport in downtown Manhattan. The program included presentations by Alumni Asso- ciation president Abbie I. Knowlton'42, 50th anniversary class chairman George A. Hyman'45, 25th anniversary class chairman Richard M. Spiegel'70, and Thomas M. O'Mara'95, speaking on behalf of the graduating class. The highlight of the evening's festivities was, as per tradition, the presentation of alumni medals for excellence. This year's recipients of gold medals were Patricia K. Donahoe'64 for distinguished achievements in medicine, Michael D. Iseman'65 for excellence in clinical medicine, Oscar B. Garfein'65 for meritorious service to the medical school and its alumni, and two 1995 class members, Susan V. Bukata and Karen L. Moody, in recognition of their interest in and devotion to the medical school and its alumni.

Medal winner Oscar Garfein'65 The Ultrasounds in performance

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