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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1995, Vol.15, No.3
Alumni News and Notes
Dean's Day Symposium

Eric Rose '75 at the Dean's Day Symposium
The theme was straight from the heart at the 17th annual Dean's Day Symposium on May 12, devoted this year to advances in cardiology at P&S. Dean Herbert Pardes welcomed visiting alumni and friends and saluted the outstanding work being done at P&S in cardiology and related fields before turning over the podium to moderator Dr. Paul Cannon, the Harold Ames Hatch Professor of Medicine.

The morning program featured the following presentations:

"Improving Heart and Lung Preservation for Trans- plantation," Dr. David J. Pinsky, assistant professor of medicine.

A two-part Update in Interventional Electrophysiology: "Primary Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death," Dr. J. Thomas Bigger Jr., professor of medicine and pharmacology, and "Catheter Ablation with Radiofrequency Energy to Cure Disabling Supraventricular Tachycardia," Dr. James Coromilas, associate professor of clinical medicine.

"Evolving Conceptual Models in the Pathophysiology of Heart Failure," Dr. Milton Packer, the Dickinson W. Richards Professor of Medicine, chief of circulatory physiology, and Irving Clinical Research Scholar.

"Mechanical Cardiac Replacement," Dr. Eric A. Rose'75, the Valentine Mott, Johnson & Johnson Professor and chair of surgery.

"Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects in 1995," Dr. Jan Quaegebeur, associate professor of surgery.

A luncheon at the P&S Faculty Club honored the dedicated service of Dorothy Estes'50, assistant dean of alumni affairs, who, as in past years, put together an outstanding Dean's Day program. Dr. Estes, a loyal and active alumna, also serves as alumni news editor of P&S. She is a member of the rheumatology faculty in the Department of Medicine.

The afternoon was devoted to the Alumni Regional Representatives Program. Dr. Linda Lewis, Andrew Frantz'55, Ronald Drusin'66, and Sanjeev Bhalla'94 addressed, respectively, the areas of student affairs, admissions, the new curriculum, and life at P&S.

Regional Representative Committee Co-Chairmen Richard N. Pierson Jr.'55 and Gerard M. Turino'48 led a round table discussion on regional alumni activities. Visiting representatives from around the country shared their experiences at organizing local events and suggestions for improving the regional program.

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