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P&S Journal: Spring 1995, Vol.15, No.2
The First Yearbook

"To our knowledge this is the first yearbook to be published by a graduating class of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in all the years of its existence." So opens the P&S 1947 yearbook.

In a "medical history" of the Class of 1947, the chief complaint is listed as "vague sensations of graduation."

Present illness: "The Class's trouble dates back to January 1944 when it registered for school at 630 W. 168th Street, although it feels there may have been vague symptoms as early as a year before when it sent for the application blanks."

Second-year symptoms: "The patient soon found that a fresh set of symptoms had appeared from those of the First Year."

Third-year symptoms: "With the Third Year the most violent symptoms had subsided."

Fourth-year symptoms: "No longer did they feel that there was anything queer about wearing a stethoscope to the theatre. (They) gleefully recounted and lived out their symptoms as if they were entirely normal. And there is the devilish part, because they actually began to look normal."

Prognosis: "Now the Class approaches graduation, which is, in 99.9 percent of the cases equivalent with irrevocable tenure of the Medical Frame of Mind. The prognosis from here on is extremely guarded, except that the Class will find many thousands like themselves, happy eccentrics, and the best thing to find will be that they are not all in Medicine."

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