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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1995, Vol.15, No.2
Alumni Association Activities
Samuel Bard Associates

"I'll control my urge to comment on the delivery of health care and babies and rather confine myself to the delivery I know something about-newspapers," quipped the guest speaker at the 13th annual Samuel Bard Associates dinner, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, chairman and CEO of The New York Times. The dinner was held Oct. 20 at the Harmonie Club, where a select company of generous alumni, friends, and supporters of P&S were treated to the inside scoop on news media yesterday, today, and tomorrow, in print and online. Far from delivering a eulogy on the demise of newsprint, Mr. Sulzberger argued for it. "For a handful of change you get the ultimate bargain," he insisted: "Judgment, serendipity, and something left over to wrap the fish!"

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