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P&S Journal: Spring 1995, Vol.15, No.2
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Student is Research Fellow

Yvonne Carter'95 was one of 34 minority medical students who participated in the 1994-95 Bristol-Myers Squibb Fellowship Program in Academic Medicine for Minority Students.

The program seeks to increase the number of African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, mainland Puerto Ricans, and Native Americans on the nation's medical school faculties and in their biomedical research laboratories. The program was established in 1983 by The Commonwealth Fund.

The fellows worked in major research labs for eight to 12 weeks under the mentorship of leading biomedical scientists. They presented their research projects at a symposium in January.

Ms. Carter researched the importance of edema in cardiac allograft rejection. Her mentor was Dr. Henry M. Spotnitz, the George H. Humphreys II Professor of Surgery.

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