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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
Doc on Skis

By Peter Wortsman

Imagine a lifestyle that combines a career in medicine and mountain living, the thrill of the emergency room, and the excitement of the ski slope. If it sounds too good to be true, ask internist Ellen Guthrie'84, for whom practice means both profession and sport.
When she's not on a shift at one of four outpatient Urgent Care Centers run by the Instacare Division of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Latter Day Saints Hospital in Salt Lake City or on call tending to ski injuries at the nearby Snowbird Clinic, she takes to the slopes herself. U.S. National Champion in Telemark Skiing in 1992, Dr. Guthrie has been a member of the U.S. national team for the past three years and is a founding co-chairman of the U.S. Telemark Ski Association. Her husband, Robert Westerman'84, an internist also associated with L.D.S. Hospital, shares the love of outdoor living.
"When Rob and I matched in Utah," Dr. Guthrie recalls, "many people didn't understand that it was our conscious choice. We wanted a good balance of a challenging medical practice and time off to enjoy life."
Medicine runs in her extended family, whose members include brother Gordon Guthrie'70, cousin Peter Cahill'83, and uncle George F. Cahill Jr.'53. Her grandfather, the late George F. Cahill, was chairman of urology at P&S.

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