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P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
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Nursing School Opens Advanced Practice Center

School of Nursing faculty are the first among the nation's nearly 100,000 advanced practice nurses to form a faculty group practice with full admitting privileges to a major teaching hospital. Through an unprecedented partnership with Presbyterian Hospital, faculty nurse practitioners will admit and follow patients seen initially at the School of Nursing's Center for Advanced Practice, a new clinic run by nurses in northern Manhattan.
"Our Center for Advanced Practice offers an innovative model for expanding the role of advanced practice nurses in a reformed health care system," says Dr. Mary O. Mundinger, dean of the School of Nursing. "Just as important, the center provides a new site for the delivery of high-quality care to the residents of Washington Heights-Inwood."
The center is the newest addition to the Ambulatory Care Network Corporation of Presbyterian Hospital.
"Through the complementary activities of teaching, research, and practice at the Center for Advanced Practice, the School of Nursing enhances the mission and reach of this academic medical center," says Dr. Herbert S. Pardes, vice president for health sciences and dean of the faculty of medicine. The center will serve as a clinical education site for students in the School of Nursing's advanced practice programs.
Faculty nurse practitioners at the Center for Advanced Practice evaluate and treat patients of all ages for the full range of common health problems, including routine newborn and child care, diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. A complete network of specialists is available for referral of unique or complicated medical problems. When appropriate, such as in the case of a diabetic patient requiring regulation of blood sugar or a pediatric patient requiring stabilization of asthma symptoms, the faculty nurse practitioner will admit a patient to Presbyterian Hospital, manage the patient's treatment while hospitalized, and assure continuity of care when the patient returns home.
Researchers from the School of Nursing will work with the nurse practitioners to evaluate nurses' patterns of referral to specialists, their admitting practices, nurse management of hospital stays, and patients' adherence to health regimens under nurse direction. The researchers also will seek to determine the effect on patient outcomes of continuity of care provided by nurses with admitting privileges.

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