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P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
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Bendixen Portrait Unveiled

A portrait of Dr. Henrik H. Bendixen, painted by Lee Savage, will hang on a wall in the Health Sciences Library to acknowledge his long-standing support of the role of information technology in education, clinical systems, and administration. The portrait was unveiled at a reception that celebrated Dr. Bendixen's appointment as professor emeritus of anesthesiology.
A faculty member since 1973, he served as chairman of anesthesiology and as vice president for the health sciences and dean of the faculty of medicine from 1984 to 1989. He has been senior associate vice president for the health sciences and senior associate dean of the faculty of medicine since March 1989.
Dr. Bendixen is best known for his contributions to anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and his involvement in medical education and sociomedical problems, such as the cost effectiveness of health care. He was responsible for the first department-wide practice plan at CPMC (in anesthesiology) and instrumental in establishing one of the first intensive care units for adults in the nation. He supported the creation of the Center for Medical Informatics and the Office of Clinical Trials. He is credited with saving the School of Nursing, and he initiated the college's affiliation with a medical school in Moscow and the Robert Wood Johnson curriculum reform proposal.
Dr. Pardes also noted Dr. Bendixen's significant role in establishing the IAIMS information system. "Without his vision and commitment to work on the joint project with Tom Morris, it is highly likely that we would not have a campus network or the clinical, library, and administrative resources that exist today."

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