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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
Columbia-Presbyterian and Its Community: A Changing Relationship
Help from Medical Center Employees

The Neighborhood Fund, built from contributions by Medical Center employees each year, supports non-profit organizations that serve the community. Employees also make the fund work. They make site visits to the facilities and organizations that apply for funding and, according to Jean Armitage, director of annual giving and the Neighborhood Fund, often come back bursting with enthusiasm. Evaluations by site visitors are reviewed by the Fund's steering committee, and final decisions about the allocation of funds are made by the executive committee.
The Neighborhood Fund starts each year with a zero balance; virtually every cent donated is distributed to award recipients. No salary is paid by the Fund; its administrative and office costs are managed through volunteer efforts or absorbed by various offices within the Medical Center.
In 1987, when the Neighborhood Fund began, approximately $23,000 was raised. The amount has increased each year, reaching approximately $73,000 in 1994. At this year's annual awards ceremony, the funds were distributed among 60 organizations in Washington Heights that provide, among other services, child care, assistance to the elderly, and cultural activities.

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