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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
Columbia-Presbyterian and Its Community: A Changing Relationship
Caring for the Community

Another case in which physical expansion symbolizes outreach is the Ambulatory Care Network Corporation (ACNC), a subsidiary not-for-profit corporation of Presbyterian Hospital. The purpose of the ACNC is to shift primary care from the Presbyterian clinics into the community, making it more accessible. The goal is to restore an earlier and more personal interaction between patients and their physicians. "One of our major goals," says Cesar Perales, president of the ACNC, "is to make sure that all our patients have doctors who know their names."

The ACNC runs four diagnostic and treatment centers, and two more are to be opened this spring. These additions, which will extend the network's geographical range from 158th Street to Dyckman Street, will make the ACNC the largest practice network in the metropolitan area. Approximately 50 physicians and dentists, all of whom have academic appointments at Columbia, see about 65,000 patients per year. Those numbers, according to Mr. Perales, are sure to grow, not only as a result of the new centers, but also through increasing awareness of their availability.

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